How Rummy Improves the Way You Think?

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How Rummy Improves the Way You Think?

Are you sitting at home and doing nothing but playing Indian rummy card games? Well, there are some benefits to it. Playing rummy can actually improve the way your mind thinks. That is the reason why avid rummy players have some added skills that others do not possess. In this article, we explore how rummy improves the way you think. Do feel free to share your views regarding the same.

Here we have listed the ways rummy improves the way you think:

Rummy Teaches You to Be Organized

A good player of rummy is bound to be organized. The first thing he will do when he gets his cards is to arrange the cards in a peculiar order. The arrangement makes it easy for the player to remember the cards in the hand. He may place all cards he needs to dispose to one end of the hand and all joker cards to the other end of the hand. The cards forming sequences and melds will form the major chunk of the direct vision area. This arrangement makes it convenient for the player to play his moves quickly. A good rummy player will apply this rule in real life as well. He will have a place for everything in his house so that remembering and finding things won’t be difficult for him.

Rummy Teaches You to Plan Each Move

A good rummy player not just assesses the cards in his hands but also assesses the opponent’s moves. A good player won’t dispose of a card which the opponent needs. Observing the opponent’s moves will help him understand what cards the opponent needs. Sometimes you may even be forced to hold onto a card you don’t need because that card may complete the opponent’s hand. The ability to plan each move and have some foresight proves helpful even in real life. It helps you stay cautious in risky situations.

Rummy Teaches You to Have Count of Points

In a series of rummy games such as Deals Rummy or Pool Rummy, whoever has more points in the hand is the loser. That is why a good player will always have a count of the points in his hand. He will be constantly striving to reduce the points in his hand. He may be exchanging high point cards with low point cards. He may be disposing off picture cards that unnecessarily add to the points in the hand. One part of a good rummy player’s mind will always be calculating points. This habit may help him in financial planning too. He will have an eye for finances and investments too.

Rummy Teaches You to Use Jokers Wisely

Jokers in rummy card games are like wild cards in Uno. They can actually act as a game saver. There are three types of jokers in rummy card games. The joker cards present in each deck are used as jokers. There are blank cards present in each deck and these may be used as jokers. Apart from these two types, the player next to the dealer may randomly pick a card from the deck to represent the pulled-out joker. If the player picks a 5 of hearts, all 5s in the deck are treated as pulled-out jokers. The joker may be used to complete artificial sequences as well as melds.

Rummy Teaches You to Quit When Necessary

This is a lesson very few games teach you but it could be of great significance in life. In Indian Rummy, when you pick a hand and feel there are no chances of winning the game, you can choose the first drop. You will be charged minimal points to quit the game right at the beginning.

If you play a few moves and then realize that this game isn’t taking you anywhere, you can choose the second drop. Since you have played a few moves, the penalty charged is double the initial penalty. It is still better than losing the game with a full hand. Sometimes, quitting the game is the only wise alternative.

So, are you keen to learn all these important lessons by playing rummy? Go ahead and download Khelplay Rummy on your smartphone. Take time to play different variations and learn new life lessons with each game.

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