How to choose the perfect furniture that compliments your decor?

How to choose the perfect furniture that compliments your decor?

The center of attraction of any living room is the furniture you put in. Furniture as of itself is nothing. You put random furniture in a random place and it will seem dull. The decor needs to be made in a way such that the furniture and the decor can complement each other. Even if you have the perfect furniture and decor, the positioning of the furniture is also important as one just cannot keep certain furniture anywhere they like. The most important furniture in a living room is undoubtedly the sofa, so it will be the highlight of the room.

There are many shops from where you can buy the furniture. Like for example, you can buy furniture online at Urban Ladder which is a one-stop solution for all your furniture needs. They also provide the best mattress in India. It’s not necessary to match the colour of your decor and furniture or sofa if certain key elements in your living room can complement the furniture.

Some ways to choose the perfect furniture

Match everything: If not the walls, the furniture’s colour can match with the floor. At the same time, if your living room is adjacent to the kitchen, the colour combination can also match with the cabinet. It is a smart way by which even if your walls have different colours your sofa can still blend in. Additionally, among your furniture, the cushions on the sofa can be of a similar colour to the coffee table in front as well.
Play with contrast: Some people do not want their furniture to blend in, specifically their sofa as they want their sofa to stand out. For such people, the colour of the background, the walls and the other decor should be lighter than that of the sofa. Making the sofa of a darker colour helps it to stand out easily.
Using similar colours: Using similar colours of your furniture and walls like beige, brown and grey can create a very warm and a very inviting atmosphere in your home. These colours are known as the neutrals and can also be called the earthly colours.
• Dull colours: Dull colours can also be used to stand out a piece of furniture. For example, using a colour like grey which is not vibrant or bold as a colour choice for something like your sofa can be a very good option. For this, to work, the other decor must have very bright colours. A colour like white can help in differentiating between the two shades hence helping the sofa to stand out.
Rooms with windows: If you have a room with windows adjacent to a garden with a lot of greenery it is wise to use colours which match with the ones outside. The colour is green here, and furniture with the colour of grass overlooking actual grass can be a very good view.

There are many different ways in which one can decorate their house but having a proper aesthetic to it is very important. Using whatever colour shades you want for your decor and furniture will never go down well. Although experimenting is good, it is wise to sometimes stick to the old ideas and follow the rules of the game. If at any point you are confused, you should shop for furniture online at Urban Ladder as they have a very good collection. Apart from furniture they also have the best mattress in India.