How to follow fitness at home

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How to follow fitness at home

New Delhi, May 30 (IANS) If you cant find time to hit the gym that does not mean you skip your workouts. Despite your busy schedule, you can perform some workouts right when you wake up to stay fit.

Shivani Patel, Fitness expert and Founder at Sculptasse says that you don’t require equipment’s to do exercise and lists down some tips that can help you exercise in the comfort of your home
* Always remember, to first warm up: It is important to get your muscles warm or you’re just asking for injury.You can maybe start by doing household chores by yourself instead of depending on domestic help.
She also enlist few household items that you can use in place of exercise equipment:

* Bucket of Water: Its perfect for giving you good arms workout. Do 2-3 repetitions of 10 Bicep curl holding one bucket at a time.

* Stairs: Walking up and down the stairs burns 10 times or use it as a stepper.

* Bags of Pulses: This weight is perfect for compound exercises that activate multiple muscle groups at once. Try squats with shoulder presses or tricep kickbacks

* Curtain rods:It’s the best fitness tool one can use for an effective ab routine

Ashish Janiani, Transformational Coach and Founder at Motivational diaries also shares some points that is required to workout at home

* Don’t think 15 mins- Push yourself through the first 15 minutes of the workout; just do it. With a simple scientific term called dopamine and endorphins that are released in your body you will automatically continue to finish the workout.

* Divide and conquer: Simply put break your sets of workout routine into smaller doable reps

* Take action now: Stop waiting to feel motivated to workout, don’t decide to do it on MONDAY next week, just go and sweat.

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