Hrithik’s lawyers issue fresh statement in spat with Kangana

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Mumbai, April 25 (IANS) In a fresh salvo in the Hrithik-Kangana spat, the former’s counsel on Monday asserted that the truth shall be out once the latter gives to the investigating agency her electronic devices for forensic examination on April 30 and gets her statement recorded in accordance with law.

Hrithik Roshan has submitted the e-mails, sent by Kangana to him, to the Cyber Crime Investigation Cell following which Kangana’s lawyer said that no mails received from Kangana’s email address at least after May 25, 2014 should be treated as authentic.

Hrithik’s lawyers, who have released a counter statement on Kangana’s advocate Rizwan Siddiquee’s statement, said: “It is quite obvious that his client has withheld the truth from him, and he has not been privy to the evidences until now. Come April 30, the investigating agency, entrusted with investigating Mr. Roshan’s complaint shall know the truth, once Ms. Ranaut submits her electronic devices for forensic examination and gets her statement recorded in accordance with the law.”

Kangana’s lawyer’s statement reads: “A lot can be understood and can be well established from the three emails exchanged between my client’s sister and Mr. Hrithik Roshan on the 25th of May, 2014. These emails were sent by my client’s sister to Mr. Hrithik Roshan on his correct email address and which have now been brought on record by Mr. Hrithik Roshan himself, before the media.”

“Firstly, a perusal of these emails sufficiently prove that Mr. Hrithik Roshan knew fully well that my client Ms. Kangana Ranaut’s emails were hacked prior to 25th of May 2014 and that therefore, logically and reasonably, no mails received from her email id at least after 25th of May 2014 should be treated as authentic and genuine, unless verified by my client personally. It is further important to note that in the email Mr. Hrithik Roshan has been accused of hacking my client Kangana’s email account and has also been accused of having a relationship with her.

“Besides, it was also communicated to him that he has sent a lot of stuff to my client in the last six months. As Hrithik claimed ignorance to the whole matter therefore, alternatively my client through her sister communicated the seriousness of the matter and as asked him file a joint complaint and also threatened him that his name would be at stake if the matter does not get closed.”

Siddiquee further stated that “it has been noted that only after Mr. Hrithik Roshan had collected sufficient fabricated and unverified emails with him, including the mails where he claims that my client is suffering from Asperger’s syndrome, he then belatedly goes to the police after seven months and files an informal complaint, and does not intimate my client or her sister despite their insistence to file a joint complaint”.

“He then lies to the police as well as public that he gained knowledge of the imposter from many people which include his fans and people from the industry, and purposely does not give the name of my client as he knows that my client shall forthwith provide all details as required by the police on time and the imposter (if any) would be caught immediately. He then surprisingly abandons his informal complaint with the police for 14 months and does not bother about the same.”

Issues between the two surfaced when Kangana hinted at Hrithik being her ‘ex’ when she said in an interview that she fails to understand “why exes do silly things to get your attention”.

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