Hunterrr director wanted today’s Amol Palekar for film

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Mumbai, March 16 (IANS) Filmmaker Harshavardhan Kulkarni says that when he was casting the protagonist’s role for “Hunterrr”, he wanted “today’s Amol Palekar”, which he ultimately found in Gulshan Devaiah.

Kulkarni told IANS: “I had approached many people for the role. I was looking for today’s Amol Palekar for ‘Hunterrr’. When I met Gulshan, he seemed interesting. I gave him the script and he said, ‘Should I play Mandar’s role like how Amol Palekar used to act?’. I told him you have got the script right.”

Gulshan has sported a shabby look for the role.

The director says that the subject of “Hunterrr”, which is about a sex addict, had been on his mind for long time. But the idea was not to make it into a sleazy film.

“When I wrote it, I shared it with many people, and the response was good. I have maintained a thin line…it’s neither too sleazy, nor too arty.”

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