‘I and my Pregnant Wife were Attacked by Rogues on Motorbike’-S Shetty

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Mumbai: Following are the contents of the email sent by S Shetty to Sucheta Dalal -Managing Editor and Trustee of MoneyLife Magazine Foundation, which was forwarded to Mangalorean.com by Dolphy D’Souza – coordinator of Police Reforms Watch – Mumbai:

“Greetings Ma’am, I write this email with a lot of hope and really appreciate you for taking up this matter. On Thursday, 26th March 2015, at around 6.15 pm, I was on my way to Hiranandani Hospital Powai for an appointment with the doctor for my 8.5 months pregnant wife.

While we were at Military Road, Marol, a Scooty came from the wrong way and in order to avoid hitting the scooty I had to apply sudden brakes.The rider staring at me started to abuse me and my wife. As it was getting late for the appointment, I did not pay heed to him and drove away. I could see him immediately calling someone on the phone and noting my car details, however I did not pay much attention. Within 30-40 seconds, a couple of guys on motorbike came chasing us in full speed and started kicking the side door of my car. I lowered the car window and mentioned to them that my wife is pregnant and it was getting late for the hospital. However the rider continued abusing and was kicking the car, and asked me to stop.

After having chased us for more than 200 meters I realized the danger with my wife alongside and decided to stop when he rode and stopped the bike right in front of my car near Udhyan complex, Military road. In the meanwhile, the person (on the scooty) who had made the call to them also reached there and both started punching me through the lowered window. One of them tried to open the car door, but I had locked it from inside. They went for my car keys, but I didn’t allow them so they punched me again – all this while my nose was bleeding from the initial punch.

My wife was crying aloud asking for help and to save me to which even she was abused at and threatened to be punched. Finally, a couple of folks passing by and an auto driver came to our rescue and helped us get away. In the meantime, I noted the number plate of the Bike. It was black in color and numbered MH 02 DE 986. I could not note the scooty’s number. I am sure there will be CCTV images also available from the adjoining buildings which may have covered the incident

The jurisdiction of the incident is Powai Police Station. I filed an FIR numbered 961/15 and my wife and I have been following up each day post the incident. The police appeared helpful however mentioned it could take even a week. Being born and brought up in Mumbai, I thought it was filled with humanity and fear of law. This incident has shaken my beliefs to the core, that there are rogues who do not care for even a heavily pregnant women and her pleas and have the audacity to beat citizens in the middle of a busy, crowded Mumbai locality and get away with it.

I want to teach them a lesson that they cant get away with it and cant take people for granted sensing their apparent weakness when with the family. I could not think of anyone who can help me expedite this case, other than you and get them caught. Please help me. (Signed – S Shetty)

Note : Photo for illustration only

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