I did not Order to Arrest Actor Darshan – KWC Chairperson Manjula

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I did not Order to Arrest Actor Darshan – KWC Chairperson Manjula

Mangaluru: Chairperson of the Karnataka State Women Commission Manjula held a press meet at the Circuit house, Kadri Hills here on March 9.

Addressing the mediapersons Manjula said, “There are guidelines from the Supreme court not to file any FIR against the husband or wife in cases of domestic violence. With the intervention of the Women commission we will mediate and try to compromise the domestic violence case between actor Darshan and wife Vijayalakshmi. We will take the statements from Darshan and Vijayalakshmi and try to solve the case. In any domestic violence case, we cannot file a FIR without counselling. Case has not yet been registered in the police station against actor Darshan. A complaint has only been filed with the Women commission by Vijayalakshmi. In 2011 there was misunderstanding between them, since there was no chance of compromise, Darshan’s fans are asking the women commission about the case.


If Darshan has committed a mistake, it is wrong, if Darshan is innocent and a false case has been filed against him, the case should be investigated. Vijayalakshmi gave a requisition that Darshan came to her apartment and created problems. She also appealed to call Darshan and warn him not to trouble her. But when we asked Darshan, he said that he went there to see his child but his wife did not allow him to meet the child.

Darshan said “My mother is not well and I will go to Mysuru to see her. First obtain  Vijayalakshmi’s statement since she had filed a complaint with the Women’s commission”. He has asked for three days time to give his statement. Vijayalakshmi has also said that she is also disturbed and is not able to give her statement immediately. Both have agreed to come and give their statements.


When asked about missing cases of girls and human trafficking, she said that human trafficking is real in our country. It is because of domestic violence, the family, police, government and the society neglects such cases which has helped in the increase of women trafficking and violence against them. There is an order to create awareness on missing cases and women trafficking by educational organizations and NGOs. We have written to the home ministry to take serious note of such issues and the Home minister has assured to hold a review meeting in this regard.

Women commission is only to deal with policy matters and organize legal awareness programmes. The women commission holds counselling for victims of domestic violence on Tuesday and Friday and there are many success stories.


In the district, the Deputy Commissioner is the chairman for Workplace sexual harassment committee, DC has postponed the meeting due to the elections, he has agreed to hold a review meeting by the end of this month.

In the entire state 2818 cases have been registered directly with the Women commission. We are working on missing cases, Domestic violence, trafficking and increasing number of sex workers. In the next 5 to 10 years there may be a negative impact on the country.

“There is a allegation that the women commission Chairperson ordered the arrest of Darshan. We have taken Suo Moto case but I did not order anyone to arrest Darshan” she clarified.

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