I Have A Family

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""Name:  Venitia Hycinth Sequeira
Date of Birth:  1/11/1991
Father’s Name:  Vincent Jerome Sequeira
Mother’s Name:  Harush Mariette Sequeira
Native Place:  Bijai, Mangalore

Venitia is a Class X student of the Indian School, Wadi Kabir, Sultanate of Oman.  She is a  budding poetess who has always been interested in penning her thoughts down.  The result has been some beautiful poetry which has been regularly featured in the Thursday Magazine of the Times of Oman for the last couple of years.  This particular poem of Venitia?s is about the importance of a family in her life.


The other day when I was crossing the street
I saw a little baby on the footpath, naked and crying
A moment?s glance and a hundred questions flitted through my mind.
Did she have a mother to hold her when she fell,
A person to look up to and daily experiences to tell?
A person to comfort her every time she cried
A person to correct her every time she lied?
Did she have a father to call him the best
A person to play with, with zeal and zest?
A person to carry her around on his shoulders
A person to blow away her fears?
Did she have a sister to share her things?
Did she have a brother: kind, compassionate and caring?
It was then that I understood the importance of a family
A family to look up to and call my own
A family that corrects me when I’m wrong
A family which if I’m ill, stays up all night long.
Each family is unique in it’s own way
And it requires all it’s members to make
One big, happy family!

~ Venitia


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