ICYM Thottam Lifts Gadya Khell, Pamboor and Kolalgiri bag Runners Up

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ICYM Thottam Lifts Gadya Khell, Pamboor and Kolalgiri bag Runners Up

Karkala: In the overall performance ICYM Thottam were declared the champions of Yuva Mell Gadya Khell (A day in the paddy field) organized by ICYM Kera (St Teresa Parish) on 23rd October 2016 whereas the ICYM Pamboor and ICYM Kolalgiri walked away with the Runners Trophies.


The whole day unique festival of folk games was organized by ICYM Unit Kera in association with the Udupi Diocesan and Deanery Youth Commission. The day-long games in the paddy field began with a procession at 9:30 am from Achutta Shetty’s house wherein all the dignitaries of the day were welcomed by the flower girls to the drums of Nasik Band on to the specially built stage for the occasion.


The dignitaries present for the inaugural function were Chief Guest of the day Fr Baptist Menezes (Vicar General – Udupi Diocese), Fr Joswi Fernandes (Vicar Var– Karkal Deanery), Siju Ambat (National ICYM President), Fr Sunil D’Silva (ICYM Director Karkal Deanery), Acchanna Shetty (Jogibettu – donor pady fields), Ivan Christine D’Souza (Main Sponsor), Shaila Menezes (Animator, ICYM Kera ) Ajit Hegde (President Malla Gram Panchayat), Soubhagya Madiwala (Member Karkala Gram Panchayat), Elsi D’Souza (Animator ICYM Karkal Deanery), Valida Mendonsa (ICYM Karnataka), Loyal D’Souza (President, ICYM Udupi Diocese), Franklin D’Silva (President ICYM Karkala Deanery), Rohit D’Mello (President, ICYM Kera unit), Denzil Mascarenhas (Secretary – ICYM Kera), Fr Pascal Menezes (Parish Priest, St Teresa Church Kera).

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The inaugural function began with a prayer song by members of ICYM Kera unit Reena Mascarenhas, Roshni and Ashika D’Silva followed by a warm welcome by Loyal D’Souza (President, ICYM Udupi Diocese). All the dignitaries on the dais were felicitated with flowers. Fr Joswi Fernandes flagged off the games.

On the occasion, Achanna Shetty, Landowner was felicitated by Fr Baptist Menezes and other dignitaries on the dais, with a traditional shawl, flowers, fruit basket and a citation for donating his land for the pady field sports.

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Msgr. Baptist Menezes in his presidential address said that we are all Indians, lets us unite and play the games with sportsman spirit. He thanked Achuta Anna and his family for donating the fields for the youth to hold the traditional folk games.

ICYM member Ashika D’Silva, delivered the vote of thanks. Siju Ambat officially declared the games open by tossing the volley ball to the players on the field.

It was a fun filled day as participants as well as supporters enjoyed the unique paddy field games such as Poilvi race, 5-leg race, Dum Lag Ke Race, followed by the Pyramid, Volley ball, Throw-ball and the most exiting were the tug-of-war between parishioners of different wards. In the Volley ball, ICYM Pernal were the winners and ICYM Thottam were the runners. In the Throwball competition ICYM Kolalgiri were the (Winners) and ICYM Kemmannu (Runners)., Pyramid – 1st Thottam, 2nd Pamboor and 3rd Kalattur. In the tug-of-war ; Kolalgiri 1st and Pamboor 2nd.

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Fr Jerome Monteiro (Parish Priest – Miyar) presided over the valedictory function and concluding ceremony. ICYM President Rohit welcomed the gathering. Fr Jerome in his concluding note Congratulated, thanked and praised all the youth for organizing and participating in the nature loving games.

On the occasion all the Animators, Coordinators, sponsors, referees were honoured with a memento each for their selfless service.

Fr Pascal Menezes parish priest of Kera church speaking on the occasion said initially he did not want to organize this ‘Gadya Khell’ in his small parish with a small unit of ICYM members. However, ICYM members wanted to organize and they promised that they would do it successfully. At the moment I’m very proud of them as they have proved by organizing these games successfully and wonderfully. He applauded them for their wonderful job and invited all of them to the dais for a group photo. He also congratulated all the teams, participants and organizers for coming from far away places and enjoying the Ek Dis Gadyant Khellyam.

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Denzil Mascarenhas (Secretary) ICYM Kera delivered the vote of thanks. Siju Ambat read out the names of the winners of various games held throughout the day. Derrick Mascarenhas, Ex-President ICYM Udupi Diocese compered the concluding ceremony. The final moment arrived when the champion of champions was to be declared. Loyal D’Souza announced the final winners. ICYM Thottam emerged as the overall champions scoring 23 points whereas ICYM Pamboor and ICYM Kolalgiri units were tied at 18 points each and hence it was decided to give both the team’s the runner’s trophies.

All the winners of different categories were honoured with mementos by Fr Jerome Monteiro.

In the valedictory function Sudhakar Shetty (Member Taluk Panchayat Karkala), Celestine Menezes (Member Mala Panchayat), Fr Edwin D’Souza (Director ICYM Udupi Diocese), Siju Ambat (National ICYM President), Fr Sunil D’Silva (ICYM Director Karkal Deanery), Shaila Menezes (Animator, ICYM Kera), Elsi D’Souza (Animator ICYM Karkal Deanery), Valida Mendonca (ICYM Karnataka), Loyal D’Souza (President, ICYM Udupi Diocese), Franklin D’Silva (President ICYM Karkala Deanery), Rohit D’Mello (President, ICYM Kera unit), Denzil Mascarenhas (Secretary – ICYM Kera), Fr Pascal Menezes (Parish Priest, St Teresa Church Kera) were present.

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The entire Gadya Khell was wonderfully and successfully organized by ICYM Unit (Kera St Teresa Parish). The event was compered by Derrick Mascarenhas (Former ICYM President Udupi Diocese), Crystal Mascarenhas (ICYM Kera), Komal D’Souza (ICYM Kera) and Jestan Fernandes (ICYM Kera).

The whole day fun-filled GadyaKhell (A day in the paddy Fields) ended with the distribution of the Champions trophies to the winners by Fr Jerome Monteiro. The programme concluded at around 6:00 pm.

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