I’d love to play a superhero: Dhruva

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Chennai, March 29 (IANS) Actor Dhruva, who made his acting debut in last year’s Tamil rural actioner “Thilagar”, says he would easily get bored playing the regular hero and would love to play a superhero.

“I don’t want to keep playing a regular hero, whose screen presence is restricted to a few duets and fights. I’d love to play a superhero,” Dhruva told IANS, adding that he always gives prime importance to the script over money.

Although his role in “Thilagar” was appreciated, the film didn’t quite make an impact at the box office.

“I think the film worked well in B and C centres, especially in the southern belt of Tamil Nadu. It was an A-certified film for its violence, and hence, its prospect of doing well at the box office was affected,” he said.

With three Tamil projects in his kitty, Dhruva is also keen on learning other crafts of cinema, with keen interest in direction.

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