If MCC Premises Itself is Not CLEAN, How Can You Expect the City to be CLEAN?

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If Mangaluru City Corporation (MCC) Premises Itself is Not CLEAN, How Can You Expect Mangaluru City to be CLEAN?

Mangaluru: Everyone has heard the saying “Never judge a book by its cover-but judge what is inside it .” This metaphorical phrase that means one shouldn’t prejudge the worth or value of something by its outward appearance alone. Well, that certainly is true when applied to everyday life. Most of us tend to look at one’s external appearance and draw a short conclusion on their character when we first observe them. Similarly, Never judge a person by his/her outer looks, instead of judging him/her by inner character. And for that matter, never judge the standard of Mangaluru City Corporation Building by the appearance from the front side, but also judge it by the appearance from the backside.

Also as the saying goes, “People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones?” What it actually means is that we shouldn’t criticize or find faults of other people when you yourself have faults and weaknesses. You wouldn’t want someone throwing a stone back at your glass, would you? The concept is that if you live in a glass house and throw rocks at your neighbours, you could damage your own home. We have to be careful how we behave and take action against others because in trying to harm or sleuth others you could bring trouble on yourself. This quote compares well to the character of our officials at Mangaluru City Corporation, who go around the City and urge the citizens to keep their surroundings clean, as part of Swachh Mangaluru- and also bring awareness of cleanliness in order to prevent the spread of dengue and malaria by the mosquitoes- but the same officials, including MCC Commissioner and MCC Mayor, have neglected the cleanliness in and around their Offices.

It looks like “We don’t practice what we preach” kind of thing for the officials at MCC? It is nice to note that our City officials are doing a good job in raiding shops looking for owners whether they are wearing the face masks, or have trade licences, raid hotels and restaurants to check on hygiene conditions, visit new construction sites to check on the living and sanitary conditions of the labourers, raid on illegal slaughterhouses etc; etc; My compliments to the City crew for a job well done. But at the same time our City officials should also take care of the filth, including rusted vehicles, piles of old furniture etc behind the MCC building. How can they allow such negligence and carelessness to happen, when they themselves go around and preach others to maintain cleanliness.

I was at MCC for the Gandhi Jayanthi celebrations, where after garlanding and showering flower petals on the statue of Gandhi on M G road, in front of MCC building, there was short formal programme, during which MCC Commissioner Akshy Sridhar and MCC Mayor Diwakar Pandeshwar in their speeches stressed on the public to keep their homes, and surroundings, as well as streets clean as part of Swachh Mangaluru. Okay, well said by the commissioner and Mayor to keep the City clean. After the programme while I was walking down the stairs I was surprised to see the walls stained with paan/gutka spit- and it was a horrible scene. While MCC is urging people not to spit in public, how come they have turned a blind eye to this filth on their building walls?

My further walk in and around the MCC building brought more surprises on uncleanliness- from piles of used furniture, rusted old office cars and jeeps, piles of hoardings that were removed during the clean drive, garbage etc. And when I saw a gang of cleaning ladies all clad in nice pink sarees, made me think why they showed negligence towards all the filth in and out of the building? And with all these filth scattered behind the building, and with incessant rains lashing the City, could make the situation worse. Strewn garbage mixed with water-logging means..Malaria, Dengue and other vector-borne diseases. And there are people living very close to the MCC building in apartments and homes. Those who have a weak immune system may fall prey to microbes that roam freely in the air during monsoon. The city officials have been checking for sanitary conditions and areas where stagnant water is stored around the city in order to prevent the breeding of mosquitoes, but they haven’t checked their own premises where wet waste has been collected, right behind their MCC offices.

Other than chances of giving scope for the mosquitoes to breed, the messy waste area has been also creating a lot of hassles and inconveniences for MCC clients to park their vehicles. While Mangaluru has been rated as one of the best in the ‘Swacchata Sarvekshan’ by the Central government, but no Swacchata in the backyard of the City’s corporation building sends a wrong message. Has anyone, right from the MCC Commissioner, Mayor, Health Officer Dr Manjayya Shetty, Environment Engineer Madhu Manohar and other guys holding top posts in MCC, given any thought about this mess in their office premises. With various complaints being made by citizens and activists, either personally or on social media, unfortunately, MCC officials have given a damn about it.

Sources reveal that the garbage and waste piled up behind the commercial building behind the bus stop near MCC has a possibility of spreading diseases through mosquitoes arising because of the rainwater accumulating here. There are houses right behind this building, and hundreds of people pass through the place daily and people can only blame the ignorance of MCC. Has anyone from MCC noticed it or is anyone from MCC listening to the grievances of people regarding this. I bet not?

In conclusion, I think Mangaloreans should compel the City officials and other civic agencies to accept responsibilities for the fundamental right to life and to provide a hazard- less atmosphere, rather than be dazzled by announcements of fancy and expensive beautification schemes of City upgrading; and all that hoopla of raiding business and eatery establishments. It is high time that the Mangaluru City Corporation looks at building a people-friendly city. Apart from cleaning up the waste menace right at their doorsteps, MCC must set right walking spaces, erect proper hazard signs near construction/ repair zones, provide clean toilets, take care of the garbage situation, provide necessary work equipment and clothing for the garbage collectors, get rid of all those stagnant culverts and ponds–thereby enabling all citizens- old, young, and the infirm to lead a healthy and safe life in Mangaluru.

It doesn’t take much money, but it needs a lot of political will and enforced accountability. Let’s hope for a better and a clean Mangalore City, supposed to be the Coastal Pride of Karnataka, and the best educational hub in the nation. As they say “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”- it’s advisable that MCC clean up the mess in their OWN premises FIRST and SOON, and prevent the spread of any diseases. Thank You- I only hope that the MCC Commissioner, Mayor and Health Officer will take this report seriously and do the needful!

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  1. Alfie, I am amazed how you are taking such inconsequential matters and trying to malign the MCC officials for their so called inefficiency and priority works, when they have better things to do. For example, name changing of roads, circles, junctions, garbage issues, and various other important responsibilities which needs immediate attention, Would it be beyond your understanding that this does not fall on “priority” issues to be addressed. So rest easy and let them concentrate on their important works rather than go on some mundane issues, like malaria, dengue and the like. I hope you and all the good citizens understand. Thanks

  2. Mr D’Sa for you to think Malaria and Dengue Killing of Human is not important,but naming of Roads to creat disharmony among People,build un scientific circles like one in Mallikatta and Lady Hill to Create Accidents,and half done Death Trap Footpaths to Kill are important. Your thoughts about Garbage problem elsewhere is understandable but Garbage behind MCC Building and behind Commercial Complex is not so important at all. Plus 2 MLA Offices are inside the Premises. I have removed Garbage behind the Commercial Complex TWICE through help from Mr Madhu Manohar who is very good Officer of Environmental Issues. Sometime back through help from Commissioner Ms. Hapsibha removed garbage and other junck piled on Terrace of MCC because one Employee of MCC requested Me to suggest as He was afraid to bring up the issue to attention as He might get fired from job.
    Mr.Alfie you are doing good Job bringing up issues along with other Media People. Other Citizens sit on their Sofa and only complain or Criticise Media and Police.

  3. Joe, you got me wrong. I did not demean or malign the good works of Alfie in the least. He is doing a magnificent service to our society by highlighting all that our Officials are doing just the opposite. Matters which are a priority and needs immediate or long term solutions by our Officials are relegated as least important. My intention and my perception of all that is good of Alfie, is taken by you in a negative way. I just wanted to highlight that MCC officials are giving importance where it is not needed in the least. Rather they should concentrate and prioritise on issues which will benefit the people. The issues which are being highlighted by Alfie to a day to day basis, does have a profound effect on the Officials to galvanize and rectify the works for the ultimate good of the people. Alfies’ good job is commendable and very much appreciated. My comments which were indirectly addressed to the Officials were to totally avoid mundane issues, like re-naming of roads and take up the “real” ones which will bring relief and happiness to the people and ultimately appreciative of the Administration. Apoligies for the mis-understanding. Thanks

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