If Rai has Guts Let him Arrest members of NHS or Resign – Harikrishna Bantwal

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If Rai has Guts Let he Arrest members of Netravati Horata Samiti or Resign – Harikrishna Bantwal

Mangaluru: “In the Bantwal Inspection Bungalow Minister Ramanath Rai said to the SP to arrest the Yettinahole protesters. We did not fight for notes or votes. We are not communalists, we are not corrupt, our intention is to provide justice to the people of our district. Our farmers should not die without water. The Yettinahole project is a curse to the people of DK. The Yettinahole fight is not a Hindu or Muslim fight. The people of DK consume the Nethravati water without any discrimination. Rai had also said to arrest Kalladka Bhat. If Rai has the guts let him have the Yetthinahole protesters arrested, if not let him apologize or resign from his post”, said the member ofNetravati Horata Samiti, Harikrishna Bantwal in a press meet held at the Press Club Urwa here on June 19.

Addressing the mediapersons Harikrishna Bantwal said, “Netravati is not a fight between Hindus and Muslims, I do not know whether Muslims and Hindus drink water of different rivers! Rai had said, nothing will happen if the Netravati Horata Samiti members will be arrested. Rai will finish the Congres party, he has made the Congress party from the National Congress to an Island party. Being a minister did Rai organise any harmony meet to bring together the Muslims and Hindus? During the elections, Rai had said that if he wins the elections he would get Kalladka Prabhakar Bhat arrested. But now even after four years, he has failed to arrest Bhat. To please the Muslims, Rai has said to arrest Prabhakar Bhat. But in reality, Prabhakar Bhat and Rai are in good terms and I have evidence. Rai also said to the SP that this is not Mandya, this is India. According to me, Mandya is also in India. Mandya is not in Pakistan or China or Bangladesh.”

Harikrishna Bantwal further said, “By gathering 20 party workers in the Inspection Bungalow and discussing the sensitive issue with the SP in their presence is not right. Who recorded the video? Did the RSS members record it or the RSS (Ramanath Service Sangha) record the video? The video was recorded and leaked under his directions to show that he is ruling, to show his power but now the video is causing problems for him. Let Rai order the arrest of Prabhakar Bhat it has nothing to do with us but why did he ask to arrest the Netravati Horata Samiti members. Politicians want Hindus and Muslims to fight. If Hindus and Muslims are together Dakshina Kannada will be strong. Jalil Karopady’s father has said that Rs 5 lakh Supari was given to kill his son but the killers are still at large. When Congress party worker says that he did not get justice in his son’s murder, why is Rai not ordering to arrest the killers of Jalil Karopady? If Netravati Horata Samiti members will be arrested Rai may get notes from the project, but he will not get the votes.”

Netravati Horata Samiti member M G Hegde said, “If Rai has guts, he should arrest all the members of 48 organizations fighting against the Yettinahole project. If Rai does not have the information of the members, we will provide him. NHS has brought together all the organizations to fight against the Yettinahole project. Last year when I went to invite Rai to my son’s wedding, he refused to take the invitation and said your Yettinahole and cow issue will not stop. Instead of calling for a harmony meet, Rai is calling the SP and pressurising him to arrest Kalladka Bhat.”

M G Hegde further said, “We have got the capacity to stage protests against the Yettinahole project, we are waiting for the right opportunity. Netravati belongs to the people of Karavali. if you have the guts, arrest all the members of 48 organizations who are fighting against the Yettinahole project. If not apologize to the people of DK.”

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