‘If you are not with Modi, you are with anti-India forces’ – Tejasvi Surya

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‘If you are not with Modi, you are with anti-India forces’: Tejasvi Surya’s speech that made him an internet sensation

Bengaluru (DNA): 28-year-old Tejasvi Surya has been chosen by the BJP as its candidate for Bangalore South Lok Sabha seat, earlier held by late Union Minister Ananth Kumar.

In a surprise move, BJP has given the ticket for prestigious Bangalore South constituency to Tejasvi Surya, the 28-year-old lawyer from Karnataka. Tejasvi Surya who is general secretary of BJP youth wing, Karnataka and is part of the party’s national social media campaign team is known for his oratory skills.

As part of party’s social media campaign, Tejasvi has been campaigning down South and also in several cities in Maharashtra among others. A clip from one of his speeches where he slams the Gandhi family, Congress and their governance in the last 60 years recently went viral on social media. It was shared a copious number of times on social media with people praising his oratorial flourish.

All anti-India forces have united to stop Modi. While Modi’s agenda is building a new & robust India, their agenda is to stop him. They have no positive agenda. If you are with Modi, you are with India. If you are not with Modi, then you are strengthening anti-India forces.

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