Impressive Unity March Marks Popular Front of India Decennial

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Impressive Unity March Marks Popular Front of India Decennial

Mangaluru: To mark the decennial celebrations, Popular Front of India (PFI) organised a Unity March and Popular Front Day at the Nehru Maidan football grounds here on February 17.

The PFI National Committee member K M Sheriff flagged off the attractive Unity March. Members of PFI wearing the uniform marched in a procession from the main ground to the football ground in an impressive Unity March.

Speaking on the occasion K M Sheriff said, “Our decennial celebrations and the Unity March was supposed to be held in Ullal but the police department did not give us the permission. Unfortunately, the venue was shifted to Nehru Maidan. And today we were denied permission to hold the Unity March, in the near future we will not be allowed to wear the uniform too. The Popular Front of India will fight for justice and we will organise such rallies and Unity March in various places in the coming days.

K M Shareef also said, “Our aim is to create a new India. This social forum started 25 years ago in South India. It was a revolution to provide justice, freedom, and protection of the people who have been exploited.  To understand the problems and be the voice of the voiceless, thousands of people joined the PFI. Ten years ago the Muslim community pledged that they will fight against discrimination and exploitation. The RSS had planted the communal saplings in 1993 and now it has spread to the entire country. We are now seeing Prime minister Modi replacing Gandhi everywhere. Modi’s posters are now seen even in petrol pumps while Mahatma Gandhi has been sidelined.”

K M Shareef further said, “The RSS is not only the enemy of the Muslims, it is also dangerous for the growth of the country. RSS is trying to kill “Unity in Diversity” in the country and they are trying to make our country into a Hindu nation. If we can retain diversity then we will be able to retain unity. Fascism has reached everyone’s house. Fascism is peeping into your kitchen and monitoring what you eat. During the demonetization, Modi said that he wants to bring back the black money and fight against terrorism. Modi is fooling people through his speeches. He is a useless PM the country has ever seen. He did not take any of the ministers into confidence during the demonetization. The corporate world is ruling the media. The PFI should raise their voice against the BJP government led by Modi”, he stressed.

Speaking on the occasion district committee president Ashraf A K said, “Today we have completed 10 glorious years and we are celebrating the Popular Front day. The Popular Front of India is an Islamic fundamentalist organisation in India formed as a successor to the National Development Front (NDF) in 2007 and then acquired multi-state dimension by merging with the National Development Front in Kerala, Karnataka Forum for Dignity in Karnataka and Manitha Neethi Pasarai in Tamilnadu. In 2007, on February 17, all these organisations attended the ‘Empower India conference’, and formed the Popular Front of India. We Have organised the Popular Front of India Day in Uppinangady, Mysuru and Ullal, but due to some reasons, we have shifted the venue to the Mangaluru Nehru Maidan from Ullal. Due to the law and order situation, the permission was restricted in Ullal. We are still happy with the decision of the administration”.

PFI state secretary Abdul Razak Kemmar, popular writer Yogesh Master, President of PFI Magaluru Zone Nawaz Ullal, Izaz Ahmed, district committee president Ashraf A K and others were also present.


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  1. “Hindu brethren have lost the moral authority to object to this when they have one of the largest ‘paramilitary’ forces under various banners in their right wing. How can they utter a word on this matter?” – Henry James before quoting a racist, colonialist PM from Great Britain

    Well, when you see two people fighting in an alley, if you assume that both parties are at fault, you are totally wrong. There is a good chance that one of them initiated the fight and second guy is jut trying to defend/protect himself. Same way, there are two mindsets in this world – expansionist and protectionist. Arabs and Whites belong to first category while pretty much every other ethnic group falls under second category. A quick look at India’s history tells you enough about devastation and disruption caused by expansionist groups in socioeconomic aspects of India. When Sanathana dharma forces start fighting back, you can’t put them in the same category as those aggressors who are causing chaos all over word. Shivaaji, RSS, Modi – All are reactionary forces trying to defend an expansionist mindset introduced by foreign invaders.

  2. Disciplined Unity March
    PFI should conduct this type of Programs in Northern state’s also.
    PFI is a Voice of Downtrodden..
    Jai Hind..Jai PFI…

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