In a First, Minister Khader Plans to Roll Out ‘Green Building’ Bye Laws Soon

In a First, Minister Khader Plans to Roll Out ‘Green Building’ Bye Laws Soon

Mangaluru: “The Karnataka State Government has prepared ‘Green Building’ bye-laws. A draft copy has been finalized and we will be introducing it soon. In the ‘Green Building’ bye-laws policy, the various methods by which building can be made environmentally sustainable is outlined. Some of these methods include energy-saving solar power system, water-saving water harvesting system, environmental-friendly trees and plants, and finally heritage preservation”, said Minister for Housing and Urban Development UT Khader in a press meet held at the Circuit House here, on June 24.

Addressing the media persons Khader said, “Regarding heritage preservation, every district in Karnataka has its own unique history and culture. However, now the situation is such that there are very few heritage sites. We only reminisce about it through books and conversation while talking about how it was back then. There is no law that addresses heritage conservation. In these bylaws, it states that at least one percent of the heritage sites in the city must be protected and conserved. There are several guidelines in this policy that aid our ‘Swachathe’ initiative as well.”

Khader also said, “Apart from that, there is also a genuine interest among the people to take up environmental-friendly methods such as water harvesting. However, they may be unaware of how to go about it and whom to approach in this matter. In the bye-laws, it states that every local body will enroll water harvesting experts. When people come to get the license, they should state the name of the rain-harvesting agency as well. The draft policy also states that incentives will be given to those who embrace our ‘Green Building’ bye-laws. On the other hand, those who fail to meet these basic provisions will be penalized.”

Khader further said that the policy has been drafted by the Urban Development Principal Secretary, department officials, engineers, and other stakeholders. He also claimed that it was a first in the entire history of Karnataka. The draft also includes specific provisions on waste segregation including construction and demolition waste management.

UT Khader emphasized that waste mismanagement is a social problem that requires smooth cooperation between government officials and the general public. He also hinted at delegating certain powers to Health Commissioners so that they can take necessary action against junior officers who are not doing their job with respect to waste management. இடுகையிட்ட தேதி: திங்கள், 24 ஜூன், 2019