IN-LAND Group Celebrates 38th Anniversary

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IN-LAND Group Celebrates 38th Anniversary

Mangaluru: It is a matter of great pride for the City of Mangalore that one of its renowned Real Estate and property development companies, IN-LAND BUILDERS is marking its 38th Anniversary today. 

It was a challenging, fascinating, and fulfilling journey for Siraj Ahmed, a banker-turned-builder who gave wings to his dreams when he founded IN-LAND REAL ESTATES in 1986. Starting as a young man assessing the vast world of modern housing and courageously withstanding the vicious ups and downs of the real estate industry and now setting the path for others to follow in design, innovation, and vision – Siraj Ahamed is the undisputed leader of the district’s housing market.

It all started in 1986, when Siraj Ahamed established a small office called IN-LAND REAL ESTATES at SGDS Building, in an old bus stand in Mangalore. Catering to the thriving property market he soon managed to differentiate himself from the competitors by becoming a by-word for sincere, honest dealings in providing customers with the best options for resale and rental properties. As his satisfied customer base grew exponentially Siraj Ahamed decided to take a big step forward and directly build and sell villas and apartments to his customers. Mangaloreans, especially those returning from the Gulf, were taking to the apartment culture and were looking for good quality flats with amenities.  The loyalty of his customer base gave Siraj Ahamed the strength to establish his first construction company – IN-LAND BUILDERS in 1995. The company’s first creation was Embassy Plaza in Pumpwell and it was met with excellent customer demand.

The Pursuit of Excellence

In the short space of the next 12 years, the company delivered numerous projects, each with unmatched quality, pioneering design styles, and flawless documentation. Soon the skyline of Mangalore was dotted with IN-LAND’s architectural triumphs such as the Embassy Court, Golden Chambers, Sterling Chambers, Inland Enclave, and Inland Elite, to name just a few. With each passing year, the company moved from strength to strength to fortify its position as the leader in the Mangalore Property market. In 2007 Siraj Ahamed set up a private limited company, IN-LAND INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPERS PVT LTD, and inducted his sons, Meraj Yusuf, a civil engineer and Australia-educated Business Graduate and Wahaj Yusuf, an architect and UK-educated Business Graduate, into the business as Directors.

The next nine years from 2007 to 2016 proved to be a historic Era of Excellence with IN-LAND delivering breathtakingly beautiful buildings with unmatched quality, international amenities, and meticulous attention to customer needs. The first circular building in Karnataka – INLAND EBONY, one of the first sea-facing Residential buildings in the state, INLAND IMPALA and the national award-winning international style apartment complex INLAND WINDSORS are all products of this golden period in INLAND’s history.

During this period, IN-LAND also expanded to Bangalore, giving a taste of IN-LAND’s passion for excellence, to this high-tech metropolis. The projects in Bangalore city – Inland Everglades, Inland Elfin, Inland Empress, Inland Exotic, Inland Imaad and Inland Edison, all located in the best parts of Bangalore have been instant hits with customers.

This unwavering quest for excellence has led to the company being showered with some very distinguished awards including:

• National Award – Suraksha Puraskar Award 2013
• State Award – Environmental Excellence Award 2016
• Best Residential Dwellings of the Year 2015 – CREDAI
• Outstanding Concrete Structure of the year 2015 – Ultratech Cement
• Builder Par Excellence 2014 – CREDAI
• Best Luxury Project of the Year 2015 –Silicon India

Now after 47 projects in multiple cities, 2.5 million sqft of developed residential and commercial space, and numerous accolades, the IN-LAND GROUP is gearing up for the years ahead with the same passion for excellence that has brought it fame and fortune in the last 38 years. In addition to the 4 ongoing projects of the company, plans are on to expand into new locations such as Mysore and with bigger and more sophisticated projects in Bangalore and Mangalore. The company has also expanded into ancillary sectors by setting up IN-LAND INDOORS, a high-end interior design company; IN-LAND ENGINEERING INDUSTRIES which deals with Facades and Fenestrations; and Hotel Inland Avenue, a very popular business hotel in the heart of Mangalore.

A Saga of Credibility

And not one to rest on his achievements, he is now busy chalking the next phase of expansion of the IN-LAND GROUP with even more innovative projects. Despite his vast on-field experience of three decades, Siraj Ahmed says there is still a lot to learn both theoretically and practically. He attends national and international workshops, seminars, and conferences to keep him abreast of the latest trends, styles, and progress made in the construction field so that his trusted customers get true value for their investments. His desire to expand his knowledge is evident from the fact that he completed the specialized Business Leadership Program in 2012-13, at IIM Bangalore specially conducted for builders from all over the country.

In a world of changing trends, reshaping values, and uncertain demand, it takes a keen sense of perception and a clear vision to excel in any field, especially in Real Estate. This is mainly because every deal depends on one’s reputation. Today as Siraj Ahamed takes IN-LAND into its next glorious phase, the company’s legacy of trustworthiness and credibility stands as a shining example of an organization that placed ethics and customer satisfaction at the forefront of its business policy.

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