Inaugurated but Shut Rs 12 Cr Urwa Market is Now a Breeding Place for Mosquitoes?

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Inaugurated but Shut Rs 12 Cr Urwa Market is Now a Breeding Place for Mosquitoes?

 Mangaluru : Here is a story of a market which was inaugurated during beginning of the year, but unfortunately still not open for business-you know why? Read further- the reason for the delay in function of this new market is that the process of allotment of stalls through auction is yet to be finalized. We are talking about the Rs 12 crore three-storey Urwa Market Complex, which was rebuilt by Mangaluru Urban Development Authority (MUDA), and which was inaugurated by then Urban Development minister U T Khader along with other Congress honchos and other district officials on 27 January 2019, and at present SHUT due to some negotiations going on between MUDA and MCC

And in the meantime, the brand new Market is a pathetic condition, with the car parking and the lower basement totally flooded, up to over the knee level water stranded. No doubt with this stranded water at various parts of the lower portion of this Market complex, will give scope for breeding of larvae into mosquitoes, thereby spreading the Dengue and Malaria diseases. Team Mangalorean was there yesterday morning to have a deep look into this complex, and was surprise to see that the pile of alcohol bottles, a bunch of chewing tobacco wrappers, a few used condoms- so it looks like at night illegal activities are going on- and no one has given a thought to look at it.

Even though the the entry to the Market complex is locked from the front side, and shops shutters are down, but anyone can enter into the building from the basement which is wide open, and use the steps to go to the 1 or 2 floor-since the elevator is not in use. Sources reveal that there has been a theft of electrical and sanitary items of about Rs 50,000, which the police are still investigating into it. The building is so dark, anyone can use it for illegal activities like consuming alcohol, smoking ganja or indulge in sex activity. Seems like the hard earned money of tax payers is simply been flushed down the drain?

As per sources, the market complex spans over nearly 85,000 sf ft area, having 122 stalls and has a parking space in the basement for nearly 75 cars and 40 two-wheelers. It also has space for 21 fish shacks, also stalls for mutton, pork, Beef, vegetables, fruits, flowers and premises for other business. In addition, the complex has a office space and a canteen. When the project was started in December 2016, the vendors doing business in the old market were shifted to a temporary market yard, and as of today, even in spite of the new market being ready, all these vendors are still continuing their business in the temporary place.

Yet another reason for the delay in function of this new Urwa Market was due to the Lok sabha elections coming in between, and due to election code of conduct, the Market open was stayed back. Even though Mangaluru City Corporation owned the market, the task for development of the new market was handed over to MUDA. The foundation stone for the project was laid by then minister Ramanath Rai in December 2016. Now it is learnt that MUDA will soon plan on further process of opening the market- but no one knows when? But according to MLA Vedavyas Kamath, negotiation is going on between MUDA and MCC, so that MCC can acquire the Market Complex, and put into business soon- until then citizens have to keep their hands crossed until the deal is materialized.

While DK /Mangaluru has seen over 500 cases of dengue cases, and 6-7 dengue related deaths, and in the last 4-5 days nearly 160 suspected dengue cases were noted, still the district administration and MCC has turned a blind eye towards the gallons of stranded water in the lower portion of this market complex. The residents of this area have to be very cautious about this, and take prevention from being affected with Dengue. And to wash their hands, the MCC Commissioner and other officials will come up with a statement that no larvae or breeding of mosquitoes was found at the new Urwa market. Bah humbug!

Last time, former MCC Mayor Shashidhar Hegde speaking to Team Mangalorean had said that the MCC council meeting few months ago had resolved to take re-possession of Urwa Market complex from MUDA, and also that there’s has been some confusion on the money spent by MUDA on this market project. So until, the new market opens, it business as usual for the customers at the temporary market yard. And will be a Happy breeding spot for the millions of mosquitoes? Have a Happy shopping spree at the Old Market?


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