Inauguration of ‘Clinical Cardiology Update’ at Father Muller Medical College

Inauguration of ‘Clinical Cardiology Update’ at Father Muller Medical College

Mangaluru: An inaugural programme followed by clinical sessions was held on the first day of the Clinical Cardiology Update, National level Cardiology programme for cardiologist by cardiologist on the 5th of July 2019, in the Conference Hall at Father Muller Medical College Hospital.

The delegates and expert examiners of the DM/DNB were all welcomed to the meet and the Father Muller Campus by Dr H Prabhakar, course director of the clinical meet. He lamented on the fact that the younger generation of clinicians depend on laboratory technology than on clinical signs and symptoms. The art of clinical investigation has become rudimentary hence there is an urgent need to develop expertise in clinical investigative procedures that would make the doctor an excellent physician. Hence, the national level of the clinical meet was organized. The meet was also co-organized by the Cardiology Society of Mangalore and Mangaluru Heart Scan Foundation.

He welcomed the delegates to this coastal city of Mangaluru and the Father Muller Charitable Institutions of 139 years of service in health care and the Father Muller Medical College and Hospital, which has been a forefront in providing cardiac care since the past 3 decades. He expressed his pleasure to the experts and examiners of the cardiology examinations who made it a point to be part of this meet. The 3-day meet would bring in a myriad of cases to be discussed and articulated.

Prof Dr P K Das, Satya Sai Hospital, Prof Dr Balchander J, Pondicherry, Prof Dr Padmanath Kamath, KMC, Mangalore, Prof Dr Sriram Rajgopal, Railway Hospital, Chennai, Prof Dr Rajesh Nair, Calicut Medical College, Calicut who were the expert panellist of the day were honoured.

Fr Richard A Coelho, Director of Father Muller Charitable Institutions delivered the presidential address. He welcomed the delegates and the experts who have come in from all corners of India on a very short notice to share and deliberate their experiences in cardiologic care. He stated to have pondered many times of the cause of heart attack, giving the recent examples of kin of staff and the death of a former MLA of Karkala. He essayed his apprehension on whether cardiac arrest can also be a painless, silent event, to Dr Prabhakar and Dr J P Alva in the morning prior to the meet, to which they said yes. Therefore updating oneself in knowledge is always a necessity and the need of the hour.

Physicians need to update their knowledge so as to match the new technologies but at the same time be firmly rooted in the basic foundation of clinical signs and symptoms. He wished the delegates and the experts in the forum, asking the junior cardiologist to imbibe the vast knowledge of the eminent teachers and experts, so as to benefit and grow in knowledge. He thanked the co-organizers for their cooperation to this meet and assured the full support of the Father Muller Charitable Institutions. Lastly, he stated that “patients are our teachers and professors are the facilitators”.

The vote of thanks was put forward by Dr Pradeep Pereira, Cardiologist, FMMCH and the course coordinator for the meet. Dr Sayyid M K, Cardiologist, FMMCH and the treasurer for the meet was present.

Cases discussed in the Morning Session were: ECG in congenital care by Dr. Manish Rai followed by long case discussion by Dr. Carol Menezes, FMMCH; Long case discussion on Rheumatic heart disease with severe mitral stenosis and severe aortic regurgitation for the DM/DNB candidates.

The forenoon session was: Short case discussion conducted by Dr. Prem Alva, Pediatric Cardiologist, A J Medical College and Hospital.; Long Case Discussion by Dr. Saketh, Care Hospital, Hyderabad.

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