Independence of Judiciary under threat: CJI  

Independence of Judiciary under threat: CJI  

New Delhi: Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi on Saturday said the independence of the judiciary is under threat after allegations of sexual harassment against him over which the Supreme Court held an urgent hearing.

“I will sit on this bench and discharge my duties without fear and favour till my tenure is over,” Chief Justice Gogoi said at an urgent hearing on a matter of great public importance after there were media reports alleging sexual harassment charges against him.

“Things have gone too far. Judiciary cannot be made a scapegoat”, Justice Gogoi said.

There was a larger conspiracy to destabilise the judiciary which has remained independent, he said. There was some bigger force behind the woman, with criminal track record, making sexual harassment charges against him, Justice Gogoi said.

An apex court bench of CJ Gogoi, Justice Arun Mishra and Justice Sanjeev Khanna conducted the hearing at 10.30 a.m. after Solicitor General Tushar Mehta urgently mentioned the matter.

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  1. I love karma, especially the way it works.

    When cases after cases (which were blatantly false in nature) were being filed by a bunch of disgruntled wives in various courts in India (in order to get easy and quick money from their ATM husband), these geniuses at the top of the judiciary deliberately looked the other way. Instead of punishing those women for their wrongful accusations they instead made accused men’s lives miserable. Now let him live through this embarrassment.

    Only a couple of instances of stringent punishment to those who deliberately misused the law would have been sufficient to deter other wannabe gold-diggers from filing more fake cases. But these milords did not bat an eyelid despite having sufficient power at their disposal to do something. Instead they complained to the government for having lack of resources to handle the case loads mounting on various courts in India, while most of these cases have been frivolous and bogus in nature to begin with. Most of those cases were concoction of lawyers who had ill-advised those women.

    The lesson I have learnt in life is that when one is being treated unfairly by the system(or society for that matter), the best approach is to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING and go with the flow, doing very little to get by. When you do that karma acts faster. If you try to do anything on your own, it only elongates your misery. At the end of the day existence abhors imbalance. You just have to give it a chance to act. Patience is everything in life.

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