Indian-American designer launches “The Eat This Collection”

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New York, Aug 25 (IANS) An Indian American designer has launched a new fashion label introducing a fusion of classic foods and styles whereby classic foods adored by all are seamlessly intertwined and designed into clothing.

“The Eat This Collection” by Punarvi caters to all palates, whether the craving is pizza, French fries, donuts, or ice cream, according to a media release.

In this collection, designer Punarvi Patel has created elegant and premium quality t-shirts that reflect her passion for cooking.

The collection features designs that give women a sophisticated yet playful alternative to the basic tee by using colorful embroidery depicting classic food items that are universally loved by women.

“Food and clothing are two very personal things in a woman’s life. I aspired to blend the comfort and joy we get from our favorite foods with every woman’s favorite item of clothing, the classic tee,” said Punarvi.

Punarvi will be debuting their first collection at a launch party in New York City on Aug 28.

Punarvi Patel has a degree in fashion design from Los Angeles’s acclaimed Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising.

Upon graduating she went on to lead design and production roles at the fashion houses of Naeem Khan and Oscar De La Renta in New York City before launching her own clothing line.

Punarvi is designed to focus on individuality and ingenuity, with a perfect blend of style, creativity, and innovation enriched by superior craftsmanship.

With an emphasis on quality, Punarvi t-shirts are made from 100 percent Supima cotton.

Punarvi lives at the intersection of luxury and playfulness, allowing the modern woman to be uninhibited and free.

Punarvi creates clothes that real women love to wear, as an expression of themselves, striving to make getting dressed the most enjoyable part of their day.

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