Indian, Bangladeshi mystic folk singers enthrall Kolkata

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Kolkata, Jan 10 (IANS) Folk singers from Bangladesh, Sufi singers from Rajasthan and wandering minstrels or bauls of West Bengal engaged folk music lovers at a fest here Saturday.

The 10th edition of the Baul Fakir Utsav in south Kolkata’s Jadavpur, a two-day event, brings to the city mystical folk singers (Sufi, baul, fakir) from Bangladesh and India, organisers said.

Artists from Bangladesh include Sahjahan Fakir, Rob and others, while from Bengal’s districts, proponents of the folk music include Ranjit Gosain, Biren Gosain, Kartik Das Baul, Chhoto Golam, Halim, Mansur Fakir and Krishna Das Baul.

A team of Sufi singers from Rajasthan are the other highlights at the event.

The festival assumes a carnival-like atmosphere every year and is an effort by a group of enthusiasts, thriving without funding from state or corporate bodies.

The festival journal ‘Arshinagar’, serves as a digitised repository for topics like folk music, forms and practices to technicalities of sound recording and so on.

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