Indian comedian dies while performing in Dubai

Indian comedian dies while performing in Dubai

Dubai: Manjunath Naidu, a well-known expat comedian from India, suffered a cardiac arrest while performing on stage in Dubai on Friday night. He was 36 years old.

In a two-hour comedy show, Naidu was the last to perform. While doing his standup act, he complained of high level of anxiety, sat down on the bench next to him and collapsed onto the floor.

The packed audience thought it was part of the act and laughed. However, everyone soon realised it wasn’t an act as Naidu was seen gasping for breath. He was rushed to hospital. Doctors tried their best but couldn’t save him.

Naidu was a popular figure in the comedy circle. Comedy and acting was his passion and was doing acts in Dubai for the last 4-5 years. He was a regular at The Courtyard Playhouse – a performing arts centre.

His friends and fellow comedians are in a state of shock. Naidu’s last rites will take place in Dubai.