Indian Social Forum-Saudi Arabia to the Rescue of Economic Crisis faced by NRI-Kannadigas

Indian Social Forum-Saudi Arabia to the Rescue of Economic Crisis faced by NRI-Kannadigas


Mangaluru: Addressing the media persons during a press meet held at Mangaluru Press Club, Mohammed Shareef- the Executive Member of the Forum said, “The Indian Social Forum (ISF) Eastern Province Saudi Arabia, has prepared a study report on the impact of the economic crisis on the non-resident Indian Kannadigas. Based on the ground level surveys and interviews, Several study reports with related to the Saudi Kannadiga NRIs issue has been submitted to representatives of the government visiting Saudi Arabia for the past one year. The detailed report has now been completed and the Indian Social Forum will be officially submitting to the Chief Minister of Karnataka Government in order to help the needy Kannadiga NRI community”.

He further said, “The current report also cites some recommendations on behalf of non-resident Kannadigas in the context of the economic crisis in Saudi Arabia and the effect that made an impact on over 2.5 lakhs NRKs, further requested the Government to create a special strategical solution to the crisis. Indian social Forum (ISF) is a platform for Indian immigrant welfare activities and has been working for the social welfare of the Indian community in Saudi Arabia over the past several years. This platform plays an important role in the recognition of the contribution of NRI Kannadigas in Saudi Arabia to the social and economic development of Karnataka”.

“For creating friendly environment Indian Social Forum has been promoting cultural, sports and other awareness activities among the NRIs in Saudi. Indian National festivals and historical days such as Indian Independence Day, Republic Day, Children’s Day, Kannada Rajyotsava are being conducted by ISF throughout Saudi Arabia. Also in association with The Indian Embassy, ISF has been actively involved in community welfare service extended to needy NRIs. Most of the migrants in the Gulf countries are usually semiskilled and unskilled labor force, and now their lives are in trouble. The economic downturn due to the decline in crude oil prices, the geo-political crisis in the Gulf region, and the refining process in the employment market has made huge number of non-resident Kannadigas returning to their home country” added Shareef.

While concluding he said, “In this context, on behalf of Karnataka NRIs, Indian Social Forum will submit its recommendations to the Government of Karnataka for the benefit of Non Resident Indians living in the Gulf countries. The intention of this study report is to raise awareness among people, draw the attention of Karnataka Government, discuss issue with the Chief Minister and the concerned Ministry, thereby find a solution to the problem. Indian Social Forum (ISF) Eastern Province Karnataka, is also seeking tremendous support from Media team and its representatives to help us in finding solutions”.

Mohammed Rafeeq (Indian Social Forum Kuwait), Mohammed Basheer (Executive Member), Mohammed Ashfak (Executive Member) and Majeed (Indian Social Forum UAE) were also present during the press meet.

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  1. Well this was actually the work of government to be honest. Why is our Karnataka govt still mum over such a serious issue. Kerala Govt has way back done it’s best to save Expatriates interest. Where as Karnataka govt needs to understand the importance of NRIs. Well initiation from Indian Social Forum. As well as that Media is the main tool to make this issue get some credibility.

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