India’s 1st Transgender to Win ‘Miss World Diversity ’18’ Naaz Joshi in City for ‘PCT Transgender’s Day’

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India’s 1st Transgender to Win ‘Miss World Diversity ’18’ Naaz Joshi in City for ‘PCT Transgender’s Day’

India’s 1st Transgender to Win ‘Miss World Diversity 2018’ Aziya (Naaz) Joshi in City for ‘Parivarthan Charitable Trust Transgender’s Day’ Celebration to be held TODAY 12 March 2019 at 10 am at Roshni Nilaya College Auditorium, in association with School of Social Work Roshni Nilaya and Inner Wheel Club-Mangalore North. Aizya ‘Naaz’ Joshi has made India proud after winning Ms. World Diversity 2018. This makes her first Indian transgender to win this beauty pageant.

Mangaluru: Yes, when Society didn’t accept Transgender Woman Aizya Naaz Joshi, but She won “The Miss World Diversity 2018” crown. She was never wanted in the society, her parents sent her away. She willed and finally got what she longed for – respect. That’s Aizya Naaz Joshi, India’s first transgender cover girl, and this successful in life Transgender will be in Mangaluru today, to grace the “Parivarthan Charitable Trust Transgender Day 2019” celebration to be held at Roshni Nilaya College Auditorium, a programme organized in association with School of Social Work Roshni Nilaya, Mangaluru, and Inner Wheel -Mangalore North.

“To live with all the abilities in life is not a big deal, but having disabilities in life and then living your life perfectly is the biggest achievement in life and the people who have this spirit are the born survivors.-this quote suits very well all those people who have proved that it’s not the physical capabilities or the appearance that make you achieve something in life. Rather, it’s your spirit and attitude that encourages you to achieve something in life. It makes you stand somewhere in society. Naaz is also a social activist and has worked for various issues like the education of girls, health, and hygiene.

Aizya Naaz Joshi, being a transgendered woman made her own way, faced all the difficulties but didn’t gave up. She preceded 22 Female contestants and became the First Transsexual Miss World Diversity 2018. Today the whole world says to her, “We are proud of you”. Aizya Joshi also known as ‘Naaz’ who was the first Indian transgender to be crowned as Ms. World Diversity 2018, has has won this pageant for the second time in a row. Not only this, she was also the first Indian trans-woman who appeared on a magazine cover. She is also a first ‘trans-sexual being’ to endorse a sanitary napkin brand.

When she was young, Aizya used to live in Delhi. She believed herself to be a girl and never thought that she was a boy. All here activities were similar to that of what a girl’s would usually be. Her parents sent her to Mumbai, so that people wouldn’t come to know that she is a transsexual. Since childhood her life has been full of struggles. She started working with fashion designers early in her career; however she had to quit that job. She said, she felt unsafe there due to gender issues as she feared that men would bad-eye her. Due to this, In 2013, Naaz went through a sex reassignment surgery and began modeling for various brands. When she got to know that Miss Universe pageant has changed the participation rules in 2012 and now allows transgenders to participate in the beauty pageant, she decided to try her luck.

Hailing from a multicultural background, Aizya’s upbringing took place with her maternal uncle’s family. She worked in restaurants and went through many unfortunate happening, but that didn’t diverted her from her goals. She wanted to do something that should that would earn her respect in the society. Education mattered to her a lot, and she managed to gain admission in National Institute Of Fashion Technology (NIFT) and scored a top rank there. After that she pursued MBA in Marketing from IMT through correspondence as she was not given a regular admission.

She is among the first transsexual women in India who have been portrayed on the cover page of a reputed magazine like Tehelka. Yet, although she has put in a lot of efforts, she feels that she never got the due respect that ‘normal’ people usually get. When she entered modeling, she met Rishi Taneja, a well known photographer and he made a biopic on her. After seeing that film, some media houses gave her a big break and she made it to the cover page. She was not accepted at first, but she didn’t give up thinking of ways to make her life better.

During her photo shoot for the cover page of a magazine, she felt she was just dreaming. But then her parents called her up and said, “We are proud of You”. That was the happiest moment for her. They called her up in Mumbai and now she lives with them. Aizya believes humanity to be her religion. She thinks of the love and respect that she didn’t get, and hopes that she would be able to give it to those people who need them. In her words, “It’s nothing like if society has not accepted me then I should do the same.”

She has been part of many fashion shows and later she participated in many beauty pageants. She also organizes the Mrs. Homemaker competition, and under this banner she has organized six beauty pageants till now. She has been a show’s stopper too in the Rajasthan Designer Festival 2014. Naaz is also a social activist. She has worked with MP Dr. Udit Raj on various social issues like the education of girls, health, and hygiene. She said after winning Ms. World diversity pageant she wants to work for women empowerment and employment. She says that she believes in action and wishes to set up a learning center where people can acquire employable skills.

If there is a ‘will’ then there is always a ‘way.’ With all her hard work, determination, success and achievements, Aizya Naaz Joshi is the living example of this. And Mangaloreans if you want to have close encounters with Aziya (Naaz) Joshi-the India’s FIRST Transgender to win the “The Miss World Diversity 2018” title, you are most cordially welcome to Roshni Nilaya this morning at 10 am, a cordial invite from the members of Parivarthan Charitable Trust, Mangaluru.

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