Indicash ATM burglary attempt fails at Hemmadi

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Indicash ATM burglary attempt fails at Hemmadi

Kundapur: A burglary attempt of a private bank ATM at Hemmadi near Kundapur was failed on Saturday, August 13 late night.

According to the police, thieves entered into the ATM of Indicash private bank, near the Nethravathi Grameena Bank Hemmadi. They disconnected the wires of two CCTV cameras, one outside and another inside the kiosk. When the thieves saw a night beat police vehicle passing on the highway, they fled from the spot.

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The police, suspecting some unusual activity rushed back to the spot and the incident came to light. The thieves had disappeared by then only after disconnecting the entire power supply to the building, the fuses were removed and thrown in the nearby bushes.

Naseer Hussain PSI Kundapur along with the canine Squad and fingerprint experts visited the spot and collected necessary information from the locals. The Police suspect the involvement of local labourers in the crime.

A case has been registered in Kundpaur Police station.

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  1. Any guess on who these guys would be? LOL In a recent case of fake credit cards costing lakhs and lakhs to banks in Kerala, the mastermind and team members turned out to be folks from KASARAGODU!!!!!!! Apparently they had worked for a credit card processing company in Dubaaaaayi!! See, these guys are geniuses even though there is a good chance that they didn’t clear 8th standard exams before travelling to Dubaaaaaayi with a fake passport!!

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