Indrajit Lankesh Slams Govt for Taking it Easy on Murders in State

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Indrajit Lankesh Slams Govt for Taking it Easy on Murders in State

Kannada Movie Maker and Publisher Indrajit Lankesh at a Press Meet held today Slammed Government for Taking it Easy on Murders in State, and alleged that politics is playing a major role in all the murders that have been taking place in the State recently, including the murder of his Sister-Journalist Gauri Lankesh.

Mangaluru: Addressing the media persons during a press meet held at Mangalore Press Club today, Kannada Movie-Maker and publisher-Indrajit Lankesh slammed on the Karnataka government for taking it easy on the quite a number of murders that have taken place in the State, including the unsolved mystery of the murder of his Sister, Gauri Lankesh, a journo. He alleged that politics is playing a vital role in all these murders, and each of them are playing a blame game just to fool the public, and thereby also create tension and communal disharmony.

Expressing condolences on the recent deaths of Deepak Rao and Basheer, who were murdered on January 3, 2018 in two separate incidents in Katipalla and Kottara Chowki, Indrajit said, ” It’s indeed a sad situation that two innocent lives were lost due to ignorance and political power. I have extended my financial support to both the families of these slained two persons. I also visited Deepak Rao’s house and met his mother- it was like meeting my mother and I was in deep pain and sorrow seeing Deepak’s mom in such a sorrowful state. I provided some financial assistance, and she appreciated my kind gesture. I consoled her and told her to be brave and that everything would be fine”

Indrajit further said, ” With so many murders taking place in the state, especially in this part of the State, still the government has not taken any initiatives to control it. The govt has lacked in maintaining law and order in the state. And every time a murder takes place, just to please the kith and kin of the deceased and the public, the govt offers compensation of Rs 10 lakh to avoid further clashes/protests and thereby close the chapter. Such kind of gimmicks by the govt will not serve the purpose, instead it should come up with a positive plan to stop such murders and disharmony in the community”

“By not being associated with any political party or supporting any party, I will say that there is a major hand in all these murders, where politicians are involved. We need to raise our voices and make these politicians stop what they are doing- killing innocent people in the name of political game. Religion, Caste or Creed should not be mixed with politics. Politics should be clean without interference of religion. Public also should play an important role to stop such murders, and if they have any information on such murders they should alert the police immediately” added Indrajit.

Indrajit Lankesh handing over a cheque to Basheer’s brother

He further said, ” I know how sad and hard it is to bear the loss of a loved one in your family. I have experienced it when my sister was murdered ruthlessly by beasts. Even though it has been over four months now, and also where there have been so many protests and pressure from the public, the government has been still playing games in my Sister’s murder case, with no proper answers. We hear the ministers saying that they know who her killers are, then why are they keep quite by not apprehending them. This is nothing but fooling us and the general public”

“We can’t live in the society and carry on like this forever. It has been scary to walk on the streets or live in our homes. We are been attacked for no reasons, and innocent lives are lost for no fault of theirs. It is the time of the hour that the public also join with the law enforcement officials and find the culprits behind such brutal acts. It’s time that we all join and unite together to put a halt to such killing spree. Many a times the police arrest the wrong persons, while the actual culprits are freely roaming the streets for more attacks on innocent persons. Let’s unite and put a stop for all these murders from happening again” urged Indrajit Lankesh.

Indrajit handing over the cheque to Deepak Rao’s mother

After the Press Meet, Indraji visited Basheer’s house and interacted with Basheer’s father and brother, and also offered them financial help. Speaking to media, Indrajit also said that he would be visiting Danamma’s parents in Vijayapura-Belagavi tomorrow (Thursday-10 January)- 14 year Danamma was gang raped and murdered in December 2017, and the police are yet to arrest any of the six accused.

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