Instead of Briefing his Achievements, Modi Misled DK People with Lies – MLC Ivan

Instead of Briefing his Achievements, Modi Misled DK People with Lies – MLC Ivan

Mangaluru: “Today Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited the city and addressed the people of Mangaluru at the Nehru Maidan. His speech was dull, instead of briefing about his achievements he was telling more lies and misleading the people. Modi should know that the people of Dakshina Kannada are intellectuals”, said the MLC and Parliamentary Secretary Ivan D’Souza in a press meet held at the DCC Office, Mallikatta here on April 13.

Addressing the mediapersons Ivan D’Souza said, “Throughout his speech, Modi was criticizing the Congress and JD(S). He was saying that Congress and JD(S) give priority to family members. If it is like that, we would like to ask Modi, “Who is Menaka Gandhi and Varun Gandhi? Are they not family? Why is Modi criticizing Congress forgetting Menaka and Varun in his own party?”

Ivan further said, “In his speech, Modi also mentioned starting the fisheries ministry but he failed to speak a word on the 9 missing fishermen. From the past five years, the BJP government is in power but Modi never spoke about the welfare of the fishermen. Now all of a sudden he is talking about the fishermen. The fishermen do not trust him. Modi did not even speak about the merger of Vijaya Bank but he said that the UPA government had given loan and those who had borrowed the loan had fled the country. But Mallya had said that before migrating he had informed the finance minister and Modi knowing all this, was lying to the people of DK.”

Modi also spoke on the sensitive issue of Sabarimala and said that if anyone speaks about Sabarimala in Kerala, they will be arrested. He spoke about the sensitive issue of Sabarimala only to get votes. In 2014, Modi had assured of creating jobs, but he did not create jobs. He made many other promises but failed to fulfill them. The people of DK are intellectuals and they are aware of Modi. In this election, the people of DK will surely elect our candidate.”

When asked about the “Go back Modi”, campaign, Ivan said, “We visited the DC and Police commissioner to take permission to meet Modi to speak to him about the Merger of Vijaya Bank. The DC and police commissioner received our memorandum which will be handed over to the Prime minister. We then dropped our ‘Go Back Modi’ campaign giving due respect to the PM”.

When asked about not handing over the farmers list to waive their loan, Ivan said, “It is a big lie from Modi, the Central Government did not give any importance to waive the farmers’ loan. When our delegation met the finance minister, he said it is not financial discipline. The Modi government did not release even five paise for the waiver of farmers loan. The state leaders had gone to Delhi to meet Modi but the BJP MPs did not open their mouth in front of Modi.

District Congress President Harish Kumar, Taranath Kallige and others were also present.

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Prasad M K, mnagalore/Dubai

First of all what is your achievements? By the you were missing at Nehru maidan Yesterday. Please tell me how much you know about Vijaya bank. Why you are opposing for naming of LHH road as Mulky Sunderrram Shetty Road. you are a accidental MLC. Try to win some elections my dear…………..