Is Astrology a Pure Science?

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Astrology is an art of predictions.  Present time modern Astrologers influence our society so much that they are perceived having supernatural powers to forecast future event or what future holds good for a person or for that matter any entity in question.  Modern day Astrologers can predict how to be prosperous and successful in securing prosperity in finance, in love, in match-making, political future, right way to succeed in careers, educational success, art of weight loss, how to gain control on future events, etc, etc.  Let us analyze this elusive subject.  As usual in reading this article patience and analytical skills is a virtue.  Let us see how you respond!!   

We all must have heard or must have experienced fascinating facts about Astrology.  In olden times the preaching and practice of Astrological events and its predictions were influenced by Royal Families.  Royal Family or the Kings or Queens used to consult with their Official Astrologers to provide predictions as to what will happen to them in case of a war, famine, appointments, child birth or any major natural or physical event.  Those who succeeded were genius in interpretations and those who failed succeeded in getting early ticket to heaven!

Astrological predictions in the past were based on our Sun’s movement along the path of Zodiacal belt and the naked eye planets that they could see along that belt.  As far as predictions related to star formations (constellations) and its impact on seasons were commonly merited fact.  Just like predicting that the rise of constellation Virgo (Virgin) in the East during the evening sky foretells us the end of winter and the beginning of Spring or the summer in the Northern hemisphere.  Yes, this was based on purely scientific facts.  When we call anything a science, we should note an important postulate that it should stand the test of ? Experiment, observation and inference. Any subject or process to be established as scientific fact shall have the capability to be justified by conducting an experiment on it, observing the facts of that experiment and finally concluding it as the right phenomenon or the claim based on the facts discovered.  This (outcome of the facts or the inference) shall be true anywhere in the world provided the right or identical conditions exist.

In ancient times Astrologers were predicting events based on rise of star constellations in the night sky and visible planets like, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter and the position of the Sun the constellations and the presence of Moon.  Other planets could not be seen without any assistive devices or through naked eye.  They studied extensively about the path the Sun takes and which constellation the Sun is during any season.  They focused their inquisitive analytical skills to gather information about the surrounding stars with an understanding that those are the stars they can identify with and established star groups to be the pointers for any astrological predictions.

They identified certain star groups and named them with familiar names.  This led to the formation of star systems by Ramses ? II around 1250 B.C.  The cardinal points of the star system were: Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricornus.  The Astrologers used the very elusive techniques for a layman to have predictions based on Sun’s position in the star system.  With an popular understanding that the Sun influences us a lot during day time and although stars surrounding them are there but could not be seen does influence our minds, body or any event for that matter.  They did study the planets’ movement in the night sky and tied their presence and their motions (specifically retrograde motion) to predict events of general significance such as political and sociological trends, natural disasters, time of abundance or scarcity, etc. 

As the Astrology gained momentum these astrological events based on medieval astronomy, tried to forecast the fate of a person and there started predictions or horoscopes.  This led to the practice of drawing individual horoscopes.  As these predictions gained popularity and modern day science advanced and more planets were discovered, the art of prediction took a complex stature.  As the ancient astrologers took Sun’s and Moon’s positions and the Planets’ movement the modern Astrologer’s invested their creativity in non-visible planets to the naked eye in addition to Sun’s position.  Both of these are very elusive factors/concepts for a common man to understand and integrate.  Unless, they do very in-depth study of Astronomy and its processes, it cannot be verified by a common man independently without the basis of any other literature in hand.

The modern day Astrology has been taken to such a great length that it covers at this time variety of subjects like, losing weight through Astrology, the Astrology diet, financial astrology, connectivity of Astrological events to 9/11 (attack and demolition of World Trade Center buildings), etc.  Recently, I have come across an interesting article and advertisement which says lose up to 2 pounds (about a kilogram) per week safely and effortlessly!

Let me get into the subject of Lose Weight through Astrology subject.  It predicts that you can lose weight up to 2 pounds (one KG) a week.  It assures you that to follow your horoscope, for a slim, more beautiful you!  This provides personalized diet plan tailored to your Sun sign.  This diet takes struggle out of losing weight by allowing the planets in your horoscope to work to your advantage.  The sign-tailored slenderizing plan consists of 3 important rules.  1.  Select food according to your Sun Sign.  2. Time your eating habits to coincide with astrological influences, and 3.  Combine food properly according to their four elements:  Protein, fat, Carbohydrates and water.  These elements relate to four elements of Astrology:  Fire, Earth, Air and Water. As per proponents of this diet plan, it is based on the Metabolic Cycle that the body goes through every 10 days and is called “The Astrology Diet”.

According to this Astrology Diet Plan, the standardized foods for persons belonging to Srorpio are Shellfish, Corn and Raspberries.  In addition to this popular diet regiment and the plan, the proponents of this plan are also skilled in providing intrinsic details and plan to succeed financially!  It is called as Financial Astronomy.  This provides that based on your birth time, the sign under you were born and the astronomical events of the time, your financial success are based on certain timings that you act on the plan and in certain fields or events.   

The modern time Astrologers do have an answer for a 9/11 event, where the terrorists attacked the World Trade Center.  They depict this to an unusual event of opposition of Saturn and Pluto.  In Astrology, Saturn is characterized by government and authority and where as, Pluto rules death and deprival. In the same fashion the Astrology provides several other fascinating characters to the remaining planets. 

Now we have some basic understanding of Astrology and coming to Astronomy, let me say Astronomy is a science which provides us various theories of formation of stars, its evolution and their extinctions.  It also provides us the evolution of solar system, neutron stars, black holes, nebulae, star clusters, galaxies, cosmic strings, etc.

Are we on the same page while connecting to the two subjects to a true science?  Is there any scientific evidence to prove these two subjects as true science?  When we assess this issue, we have to understand the origin of these two subjects. In olden times was there a subject called Astronomy?  If not, what it is represented with?  To answer the first question, the origin of astronomy was through Astrology, astrological forecasts and it evolved as a pure science based on the various findings.  It was represented by astrological processes.  The Astronomy by itself does not predict anything unless it is proved and can be verified through various facts.  On the other hand there is no universally accepted phenomenon to forecast astrological findings.  In case of Astronomy some of the processes are based on theories, like for example, the evolution of universe and can be independently studied and accepted by the world community.  Whereas Astrology, the predictions are based on a defined system and its relativity to future event.  The relativity of the event cannot be specifically concluded by the process nor there is any connectivity to the process and the event.  With an independent processing of facts, it cannot give rise to a specific event to happen, if it is analyzed by different entities throughout the world.

The study of Astronomy provides for conducting experiments, data collection and inference, which can be independently verified by the world community to come to one specific defined outcome not variety of outcomes.  All outcomes are defined and justified through factual data which can be verified. Just to give a simple example it is understood fact that sound travels in wave form and it has definite speed.  In air the sound travels at a speed of 330 meters per second.  This can be verified through simple experiments.  No matter where in the globe you are the out come will be the same.  Also in verifying distances to the nearby celestial objects like the Sun, Moon, planets, etc can be done through comparative magnifications of the image and if it is very far away objects like stars it can be done through spectral analysis, brightness of the stars, their color, pulsating ? variable stars, emission of variety of rays and radiations, binary systems in the vicinity, etc, etc.  Same is true for the prediction of meteor showers every year.  Again some of the familiar celestial occurrences like Mars transition, lunar eclipse, solar eclipse, transition of comets, etc are some of the facts of Astronomy.

Let me provide you with some of the facts of Astrology.  It is based on stars of 12 Zodiac constellations only.   There are 88 constellations in total.  Lot of closest stars are not in these constellations, to name the few our nearest star system of Alpha, Beta and Proxima Centauri and other stars like Sirius, Capella and Vega.  These Zodiacal constellations do not include some of the powerful stars like Canopus, Deneb, Rigel, Betelgeuse, Hadara , Alludra, etc.  Astrology gives lot of power to planets like Mars, Jupiter and Pluto which do not emit any kind of radiations or gravitational pull on us.  All predictions of Astrology is based on the birth time, so, if you are born during the day time, when Moon and Sun are there, then the effect of any planets will be negligible, so does the stars for that matter which are very, very far away and their effect of radiations are slim to none, I would say.  At the same time when a person is born during night time devoid of Moon (presence) again the issue is how much is the Sun’s and Moon’s influence?  Other fact is don’t you feel that the influence of these celestial bodies shall have on us if any, during conception (fusion of sperm with that of ovary/egg) and during the formative stages of various body organs? Don’t you think Identical twins should have had the same destiny?

So, is this astrological forecast of destiny of a man is factual?  Can Astrological predictions have relevance to future human behavior?  Can Astrology provide definitive specific outcome of future events in a person’s life?  Can Astrology is answer for financial stability, scientific weight loss program based on Sun signs?  In other words, is this Astrology a pseudo-science?  I will leave this to your imagination!

Author: Stany DSouza- USA

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