Is Neta’s Travel More Important Than Citizen’s Life? Kadri Kambla Rd Needs Speed-Breakers!

Is Neta’s Travel More Important Than Citizen’s Life? Kadri Kambla Rd Needs Speed-Breakers!

  •  Is Neta’s Travel More Important Than Citizens Life? Kadri Kambla Road Needs Speed-Breakers! Why it needs Speed-Breakers to Break/Brake the Speed of Speedsters? In spite of many complaints on reckless motorists zooming by on this stretch of the road to the police to install speed breakers or road humps- all the efforts are in vain, since the road leading to the airport is considered to a VIP road, and therefore, no humps or speed beakers can be installed. How nice? If not speed breakers, at least erect a few barricades to slow down the speedsters. Our administration is only worried about the Safe Travel of the VIP or Netas/politicians, but don’t give a damn to the safety of the Citizens. Bah humbug!

Mangaluru: If you are just wondering why is traffic in Mangaluru so bad? Because everybody wants to reach their workplace or some kind of appointment on time. Nobody wants to start early. Because everybody wants to reach first. Nobody wants to follow the rules. What will you get when lakhs of people trying to overtake each other in a race to reach their destination on time with little or absolutely no regards to the traffic rules and violating absolutely every traffic rule that’s ever been made?. And now to ease out some of the traffic chaos City Traffic police had installed quite a few brand new traffic signs at every nook and corner of the City, like ‘No Honking Horn’; ‘No Overtaking Zone’; ‘ No Parking’; No Left Turn/No Entry’; ‘One Way Traffic Only’; etc.

Ms Shailaja Rao (55) lost her life in a tragic accident

But if you observe clearly about 90% of motorists don’t obey none of these traffic signs- and drive or ride as they like. I bet many of you on your way to work or other errands find yourselves in a spat with fellow commuters. Why? “Obviously, he could have been a rash driver and must have irked some poor motorist,” you’re probably saying. Well, he most definitely did annoy somebody, but not because he is a bad driver. You may say to your self “It has become difficult for me to follow traffic rules,” and then ask the policeman: “Should I follow traffic rules or not?”

Does the problem in India, and for that matter, Mangaluru City lie in the absence of enough traffic regulations or in our ignorance or disrespect of them? A look at the penalties under the Motor Vehicles Act (1988) indicates that the former is unlikely. When people take their cues from looking at each other rather than from an overload of traffic signs, traffic moves slowly and smoothly, accidents decline significantly and roads become safer. And when there are Traffic Signs and Traffic Rules, then ‘Why don’t motorists here follow them’? A need to get ahead of everybody else, all the time, I guess!. Motorists probably take few quotes literally. Time is precious! Urgh, why the hell are you making me wait? I have to get back to my classroom or office room to invent the next sensation even better than Facebook.

‘No Passing Zone’ sign installed on Kadri Kambla Road- but Ignored by Motorists

Just by installing traffic signs is not enough, they need to be monitored and strictly enforced by the Cops, which is totally lacking here. For a large population like Mangaluru, where traffic increases day by day, but there is absolutely no increase in full-fledged traffic cops-instead we have guards to control traffic, which the motorists give damn respect to them. The entire stretch of Kadri Kambla Road was painted with a broad white line in the middle so that no vehicle should overtake- and a few days ago even though new traffic signs of no-overtaking had been placed, but still vehicles zoom by overtaking each other {See pics}. So why even bother to put up these signs?

Even though Yours Truly of Team Mangalorean had published two articles on this dangerous Kadri Kambla Raod, where reckless/speeding by motorists is going on, but the cops had turned a blind eye against it. And the result was the death of an innocent lady who lost her life because of a reckless truck driver zooming by in front of Maurishka Palace apartments going towards Bejai/KPT. By looking at the three videos posted below, you can clearly see the truck driver speeding, taking a wrong way, and dragging the oncoming auto-rickshaw to a few meters, throwing the auto-driver of the vehicle, and killing the lady passenger, well before that.

I live just the other side of Kadri Kambla Road, and take this road probably every single day, and I have seen motorists speeding as if it is a highway- and the cops have done nothing to catch these violators. In spite of few signs posted on this road not to overtake, but no one follows it- everyone wants to speed, overtake- so that they can reach their destination or the airport, couple minutes earlier- but not realizing that they are putting their lives and others in danger and jeopardy. In Sunday’s accident which took place around 12:30 pm afternoon, Shailaja Rao, aged 56, teacher at Kendriya Vidyalaya-1, Panambur-Mangaluru, and who stays in an apartment on Kadri Kambla Road, few meters away from the spot of accident, died after the auto-rickshaw she was travelling was hit by a goods carrier near Kadri Kambla Junction.

CCTV footage that has been circulated captured by the cameras installed at the car wash nearby, shows the speeding goods truck bearing reg no kA 01 AF 2875 moving in the wrong direction in order to avoid hitting another auto-rickshaw near the junction, rams into the auto-rickshaw bearing reg no KA 19 D 4408, in which Shailaja was travelling. The goods carrier dragged the auto with it, throwing out its driver, but sadly, Shailaja got pinned inside- and died. Having sustained severe injuries, she was rushed to a nearby hospital but was declared dead later, but the auto driver is recovering, as per Kadri East traffic police. Shailaja Rao leaves behind a married daughter in Bengaluru, and a son, who is a doctor. Both the auto-rickshaw and truck are parked near the police station (see pics).

56-year-old Teacher Dies in Tragic Road Accident at Kadri

56-year-old Teacher Dies in Tragic Road Accident at Kadri இடுகையிட்ட தேதி: ஞாயிறு, 1 டிசம்பர், 2019

As per the KV-1 Principal Ganesh Indrale, it is learnt that Shailaja was a primary school teacher of environmental science. She has been with the KV-1 in Panambur for nearly 22 years and was about to retire soon, and in between had worked for a brief period at KV-2 Yekkur-Mangaluru. Residents of the apartment on Kadri Kambla Road. A few parents waiting outside the Maurishka Palace Apartments speaking to Team Mangalorean said that this stretch of road is so dangerous with vehicles speeding by, we are worried about our children being hit- and also there are a few children coming for dance classes across the road, it is a safety concern for them also. The cops have done nothing even after repeated pleas to them to do something about this situation- at least barricades or speed humps which would help in saving precious lives. Are the traffic police heads listening?

The reason most often cited for motorists’ callousness towards traffic norms, is the absence of any strict, substantial, immediate and consistent penalties for traffic violations. Fines, if any are not of an amount high enough to serve as deterrents, police control is lax, infrequent and can often be worked around. Some offences like jumping signals, driving on the wrong side of the road and using phones while driving have become so commonplace, they are overlooked. As motorists, we leave home, confident in the knowledge that no matter what our offence, we will be let off the hook, that there is a way around the system. Like the fine for breaking traffic codes is equal to a Masala Dosa and a Coffee at Taj Mahal Cafe, or the price of pint beer at a bar, one that he/she doesn’t mind giving up.

56-year-old Teacher Dies in Tragic Road Accident at Kadri

56-year-old Teacher Dies in Tragic Road Accident at Kadri இடுகையிட்ட தேதி: ஞாயிறு, 1 டிசம்பர், 2019

The Punishment and fine are so less, that even a burger and a soft drink at McDonald’s at City Centre Mall, sometime cost higher than riding without a helmet or jumping a red light. Unless and until, the traffic fines are jacked up, there will be no end for traffic violations in the City, no matter how many traffic signs you install or how many CCTV’s you put up? For the average motorist, there are neither penalties to deter bad driving nor rewards to motivate and reward consistently safe driving behaviour, care for other commuters or obedience of traffic rules. It is so difficult to be a good driver!

Why is the traffic on Mangaluru roads so unorganized? Have you ever thought about it? I am sure, each one of you would have taken a moment some or the other time to blame the *bad* drivers or infrastructure or may be even the traffic cops! If you think you are a perfect driver, think over again. The chances are more that your driving skills might have been Mangalured to an unknown devil within you! It just doesn’t end there, many drivers cross the line into opposite lane and cause traffic jam at signals. Why would you want to do that? There is no respect/safety for the pedestrians either! People still tend to jump the signal even before the red goes green. I am glad that the Mangaluru Traffic police have installed the tracking cameras across various junctions to capture traffic violations.

56-year-old Teacher Dies in Tragic Road Accident at Kadri

56-year-old Teacher Dies in Tragic Road Accident at Kadri இடுகையிட்ட தேதி: ஞாயிறு, 1 டிசம்பர், 2019

And also since here driving is often picked up by informally from parents, older siblings or friends, the ignorance of traffic rules gets passed on. Moreover, driving schools have very a minimal focus on traffic norms and road rules. Underage driving is common and driving licenses are often procured through illegal means. When one has beaten the system once, obeying of traffic rules becomes an unnecessary burden. As a highly religious and largely superstitious people, we are prone to an optimism and fatalism that leaves us putting the onus of our well-being on others or on divine intervention rather than on ourselves. There is a general complacence that ‘everyone else is doing it, nothing will happen to me’ or the more dangerous ‘he has eyes, he will look out.’

But you can’t blame a motorist all the time, because many a times the traffic cops are at fault too. You would think that the primary job of the Mangaluru Traffic Police is to ‘Regulate Traffic’. But, most of the times, you will not find a single traffic police manning some of the congested roads, during peak hours. I have seen many a times near Bunts Hostel Circle/Jyothi Circle/PVS Junction-the routes that I often take- I see the cops either chatting on their mobiles or hiding behind a petty shop nearby, while we have to wade through the traffic ourselves. I wonder – shouldn’t these guys who are ganged up to collect fines, try to regulate traffic?

I have seen multiple times that, whenever there is a VIP visiting, scores of Traffic Police show up and efficiently enable the VIP to zip through while stopping regular commuters. Then they all disappear and let the traffic clog as it was before. Do these Traffic Police serve only these VIPs? Why can’t they show some of this zeal and efficiency while regulating traffic for the common citizens? Another common scene during morning/evening peak hours is that these traffic police at all prime locations waiting for their prey – basically someone not wearing a helmet on the pillion – while just 50 meters away, there is a traffic mess which could have been easily resolved by the intervention of a traffic cop. Traffic police using random rules and shady tactics to generate revenue has gone bad. The intent to actually regulate traffic by the Mangaluru Traffic Police has gone missing to a large extent as well.

In conclusion, it’s okay to have as many Traffic Signs or Traffic Rules, maybe all we need is something that makes us more aware of how we behave in traffic, what triggers a train of abuses, what pushes us to jump that red light, or enter a one way zone or park in a no parking zone or honk our horns loud near a hospital or school, or why we leave home without a helmet. Maybe it will make us think the next time we are about to press down on the horn, inch forward to halt on the pedestrian crossing or switch lanes to save 2-3 minutes. Maybe we will slowly learn to become a caring people, comfortable with sharing spaces and resources. Perhaps our big urban egos could use on respecting our fellow commuters – other motorists, pedestrians, cyclists and animals.

And while concluding this article, my humble request to the Police Commissioner Dr P S Harsha, and ACP (Traffic) Manjunath Shetty to look into this “DANGEROUS” Kadri Kambla Road and put a BRAKE to the SPEEDING MOTORISTS by installing SPEED BREAKERS or BARRICADES, so that at least in future, there will be no LOSS of HUMAN LIVES, due to the Recklessness of MOTORISTS!

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The main issue here is a steep slope which leads to four road junction where a proper traffic control system is missing. Adding to this, city buses are started passing through in this residential road which also created traffic chaos. There is a leakage in drainage manhole in the middle of this slopy road for many months. Sewage water is continuously overflowing from it which causes health hazards as well as traffic safety issue also. Hope the concerned Department Authorities will consider this as an emergency job requirements to be attended very soon so that further casualties can be avoided… Read more »


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