I’ve known Bollywood for a long time: Andy Samberg 

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I’ve known Bollywood for a long time: Andy Samberg 

New Delhi: American actor Andy Samberg says he is appreciative about the “big and incredible” world of Bollywood, and is willing to explore it.

“I am not familiar with the films specifically, but I have known of Bollywood for a long time. But I don’t watch them because I just never have. But the stuff I have seen looks incredible. The production value is so massive,” Samberg said in response to an IANS query over email from Los Angeles while promoting his “Hotel Transylvania 3: Monster Vacation”.

“And yes, I would consider singing for one.”

Samberg’s humour made him a YouTube star when he started coming out with his own comedy videos with two friends, Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone. He then launched his comedy troupe The Lonely Island, before getting a gig on the “Saturday Night Live” show.

Samberg has got wider audience and acclaim by attaching himself to projects like “Friends With Benefits”, “I Love You, Man” and “That’s My Boy”, TV show “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” and the “Hotel Transylvania” franchise.

For the animated franchise, he has lent his voice to the character of Johnny, human and husband of the vampire Mavis (voiced by Selena Gomez). He was back as Johnny in “Hotel Transylvania 3: Monster Vacation”, which was brought to India by Sony Pictures.

Expressing love for animation, he said: “I loved a lot of them. I was really into Ralph Bakshi, ‘Lord of the Rings’, and ‘The Hobbit’, full-on animation and I also loved… I think the first animated film I saw in the theater was ‘The Black Cauldron’… I like that movie. I really loved ‘Fantasia’ while growing up.”

How different is a voice-over job from acting?

“It’s freeing in a way because you don’t care about what you look like. You also are not worried that you are going to be judged on the acting as much because they are going to be looking at a different person, a different character when they see it.

“So, when the director or someone asks you to push it, take it further, bigger, and arched, less nuanced, it’s a safer environment to do that,” said the actor, who has also made a name for himself as a comedian and a musician.

The reason behind Samberg’s love for the “Hotel Transylvania” franchise is children.

“For me, it’s how much kids love it. When you go out and friends’ kids and other family members’ kids are like ‘You’re in those, oh my God that’s so cool, we watch them over and over again’ and parents tell me, ‘My kids watch those movies over and over’. That’s an awesome thing to feel.”

“Hotel Transylvania” tells a story of monsters and humans understanding and accepting each other. But there are other aspects to it — like love, emotion, adventure and drama.

In sync with the theme of the film, Samberg went on to give dating advice and his idea of a perfect vacation.

“My best dating advice would probably be just make sure that you are with someone you trust. Someone you can be your true self with. These days, just sitting down with my wife and watching television. It’s like at the end of a day that’s the most relaxed I get now. Watching like ‘Wild, Wild Country’ or something,” he said while speaking of his idea of taking a break.”

Is he open to do more of “Hotel Transylvania”?

“I would certainly never go on the record saying I don’t want to do something. There are no deals, and if they make more, great.”

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