Jabalpur Bishop Gerald D’Almeida Inaugurates Udyavar Church

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Udupi: The inauguration and blessing of the newly-built St Francis Xavier’s Church was held on Thursday, April 28.

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Dr Gerald D’Almeida native of Udyavar and also the bishop of Jabalpur Diocese inaugurated the new church by opening the carved main door. Dr Gerald Isaac Lobo Bishop of Udupi Diocese conducted the blessings rites of the new Church.

Dr Gerald Isaac Lobo concelebrated the Eucharistic celebrations along with Dr Gerald D’Almeida Bishop of Jabalpur Diocese, Dr Robert Miranda Bishop of Gulbarga Diocese, Fred Mascarenhas Dean of Udupi deanery and Dr Rouqe D’Souza parish priest of Udyavar and guest priest.

A large number of priests, both from Udupi and Mangaluru dioceses and other places participated in the inaugural Programme.

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In his homily Dr Robert Miranda Bishop of Gulbarga highlighted the importance of the church. The Church is place for worship, we should build our society in such a way as to become a model to others, he added.
There was a brief felicitation programme after the mass. The felicitation programme began with an invocation by the church choir. Lawrence D’Sa, the vice president of the Church welcomed the gathering. Fr Dr Roque D’Souza parish priest of the church delivered the introductory remarks. Micheal D’Souza Secretary of the parish pastoral council presented a brief report of the church.
former Priests, Donors, Building committee members, Engineers, and contractors were felicitated by the chief guests. Fr Roque D’Souza was felicitated with a shawl, garland, fruits and memento by the parish pastoral council for his bold leadership.

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In his message Abhayachandra Jain Minister of Sports and youth empowerment Karnataka state praised the hard work of all the people who were involved in the Church building project and he implored God’s blessings on all the people present. The Christian community have played a prominent role for peace in the nation. The minister appreciated the efforts of the parish priest and wished all the best for the future.

Dr Gerald D’Almeida Bishop of Jabalpur Diocese readout the message of papal blessings

In his presidential remarks Bishop Gerald Isaac Lobo praised the leadership of the parish priest and the hard work of all people who were involved in the church building project, he implored God’s blessings on all the people present.
As a mark of appreciation for the leadership and guidance that has been provided by the parish priest of Udyavar Fr Roque D’Souza, Bishop Gerald offered him a shawl with great humility and gratitude.
Ivan D’Souza MLC, Pramod Madhwaraj MLA Udupi and Parliamentary Secretary of Revenue department, Veronica Cornelio Chairperson KSDL Bengaluru Haji Abdul Jaleel Saheb president Halima Sabju Auditorium Trust Udyavara also extended their best wishes.
Fr Fred Mascarenhas Dean Udupi Denary, Sugandhi Shekar president Udyavar gram panchayat, Antony Mendonca Rtd private secretary to minister of Minor Irrigation Karnataka, George Castelino Nakre member of Christian development committee Karnataka, U Ranganath Bhat, priest Sri Siddivinayaka Temple Udyavar, Abdul Rasheed Rehamani Moulana, Jamia Masjid Udyavar, Dr Jerry Vincent Dias of Mandavi Builders and others were present.

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