James Bond gets a musical twist

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Los Angeles, July 4 (IANS) The action, glitterati and the thrill from the “James Bond” film franchise will soon have get a musical version. Merry Saltzman, the daughter of the film’s producer, Harry Saltzman, has reportedly secured the rights to a Bond stage show.

The project has been greenlit with 007 showing off his spying skills, while hitting high notes and insiders say if it is a success the musical will also come to London’s West End, reports mirror.co.uk.

A US production company is now hunting for a male lead to fill the most famous spy role for the show, which will launch in the US in 2017.

The working title for the production is simply “James Bond: The Musical” and it will have an original storyline, producers told American website Playbill.com, and will use “several Bond villains, plus some new ones”.

The films are based on Ian Fleming’s suave super spy James Bond which he created and wrote about over a series of 14 novels published from 1953 to 1966.

The latest Bond movie “Spectre” with actor Daniel Craig as the spy, will be released on November 6.


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