Jasmitha Vivekananda First Woman Elected President of Thiya Samaj  Family UAE

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Jasmitha Vivekananda First Woman Elected President of Thiya Samaj Family UAE

UAE: Jasmitha Vivekananda was unanimously elected as the first Woman President of the Thiya Samaj Family UAE.

Thiya Samaj Family UAE’s First overseas community organization of Thiyas was founded in the year 2004 under the leadership of the late Umesh Nanthoor (Founder President), Bisajakshi M P, Ishwar Ail, (Founder Secretary) with the support of Sadashiva Manjeshwar, Yogesh Ullal, Nagesh Suvarna, Jayaprakash Kunjathur and Dharmendra Bangera to strengthen the community.

The Annual General Meeting began with a prayer by Manishka Kotian, Brahmi Kotian, and Dakshith Premjit followed by the opening and welcome speech by Rajesh Pallikere, President of the Thiya Samaj family. Srinivas Kotian, Treasurer of the Samaj briefed about the past activities. Senior members Bisajakshi M P, Sathish Palan, Jagannath Kotian, Rajeev Billawa, and the core committee members were present on the dais. Further, Bisajakshi M P, one of the founder members of the Samaj admired the leadership of Rajesh Pallikere and team for the growth of the Samaj. The other senior members present on the Dias spoke to the attendees about their experiences of being a part of the Thiya Samaj family UAE. The New members introduced themselves to the attendees.

President Rajesh Pallikere proposed former General Secretary Jasmitha Vivekananda as the new President of Thiya Samaj Family UAE which all the members unanimously accepted. The core committee members were elected for the year 2024-2028. Amar Umesh Nanthoor was re-elected as the Vice-President, Premjit Narayana as the General Secretary, Shobhitha Premjit as the Joint Secretary, Srinivas Kotian and Manohar Kotianre were elected as the Treasurer and Joint Treasurer respectively.

Rajesh Pallikere, former President of the Thiya Samaj Family added that he is very thankful to everyone for the support and cooperation during his period. Even during the pandemic, they managed to help society by providing basic ration kits to needy people. Also, they conducted the maiden Annual Thiya Day online which included various cultural activities to provide a platform for the community members to exhibit their hidden talents, which was successful. After that, the Annual Thiya Day continued to be held offline continuously.

He added that with Goddess Bhagavathi’s blessings, having a female President lead the Thiya Samaj Family UAE is a historical moment. He said that he is very confident that Jasmitha Vivekananda, one of the noted choreographers in the UAE, working as a Teacher in one of the reputed schools in the UAE, who has proved herself by very successfully carrying out  Samaj activities as General Secretary, will lead the Samaj to reach new heights as the new President of Thiya Samaj Family and requested all members for their extended support and wished the newly elected executive Committee success in their future endeavours. FurtherJasmitha Vivekananda thanked the Samaj for the great responsibility given with trust and requested all the members for their wholehearted support and cooperation and sought blessings and guidance from senior members for the betterment of the Thiya Samaj Family in the days ahead. She also urged all members to introduce more Thiyasin in the UAE to join the Samaj. Also added that as per the principles of Shree Narayana Guru Swamy, our Thiya Samaj Family activities should be more vibrant with the presence of the members of other community organisations without any barriers in the society. As this year marks the 20th year of Thiya Samaj in the UAE, there will be planning for special activities by the Thiya Samaj family.

The meeting was followed by some entertainment activities where most of the members presented an opportunity to exhibit their hidden talents. After which members enjoyed a sumptuous dinner with Mangaloreancuisine.

The meeting concluded with a vote of thanks by Amar Umesh Nanthoor, Vice president of Thiya Samaj Family UAE.

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