Jennifer Aniston doesn’t have cameo in ‘Zoolander 2’

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Los Angeles, July 3 (IANS) Contrary to rumours, actress Jennifer Aniston doesn’t have a cameo in “Zoolander 2”.

The actress was “at war” with her fiance Justin Theroux over her rumoured cameo in the film starring Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson, reports

“Jen’s ready to pull the plug on her cameo after ‘an inch became a mile’ with Justin’s demands. Justin and Ben want to go to Comic-Con and do some publicity stunts for the movie and he’s been begging her to get involved,” a source said.

The source also explained that the actress has agreed to do a small cameo in the film, but lining her up for “cheap publicity trick” is not what she wants.

“Jen lost it, telling him he’s forgetting who she is and that she’s not some on-call piece of arm candy,” the source added.

According to reports, Jennifer didn’t want to go to Comic-Con to see Stiller, Wilson and Sacha Baron Cohen and was “not willing to work on anyone’s career at the expense on her own”.

“Expecting her to line herself up for a prank when she’s desperately trying to find a serious dramatic role is not fair. Justin forgets just how much she’s done for him. He should be grateful she’s agreed to do that cameo, not demanding more,” the source said.

“Zoolander 2” is a sequel to the 2001 comedy film “Zoolander”. It is scheduled to be released on February 12 next year by Paramount Pictures.

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