Jeremy Piven wants name to feature in rap song

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Los Angeles, June 5 (IANS) Actor Jeremy Piven has chosen his photo-sharing website Instagram handle ‘howulivinjpiven’, specifically in the hope that one of his favourite musicians would reference it in a track.

“You know where it came from? I always wanted to be in a rap song, so I want someone to just throw in that line, ‘How you living, J. Piven?’,” Piven said.

While the 49-year-old actor is an avid user of social media, he insists he has never tried online dating and “doesn’t know” how the sites work, reports

“I’ve never been on a dating site, I don’t even know how they work,” he told website Extra.

Piven can next be seen reprising his role as Hollywood agent Ari Gold in the “Entourage” movie and, with a list of cameo appearances from over 30 stars, including DJ Calvin Harris, rapper T.I., diver Greg Louganis, former boxer Mike Tyson and actresses Jessica Alba and Emily Ratajkowski, the star thinks watching the film will provide the perfect drinking game.

“You know, if you were playing a drinking game, where every time you saw a cameo you had to take a drink, you’d be hammered by the end of it all,” he said.

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