Jessica Alba’s daughters criticise her fashion sense

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Los Angeles, May 15 (IANS) Actress Jessica Alba says her daughters Honor and Haven often have a lot to say about her outfit choices.

Asked whether he daughters critique her outfits, Alba said: “All the time. My daughter, Honor, often says, ‘Is that very appropriate mummy? Are you showing your stomach today?’

“I tell her, ‘It’s appropriate for me because I’m a grown person… It’s not appropriate for you because you’re a child.”

Talking of her personal style, she added: “It’s pretty eclectic. Kind of all over the place actually! I like more masculine, menswear-inspired looks. Sometimes I like to be a bit more feminine and bohemian… I think it just depends on the occasion.”

the 34-year-old actress is considered among the most stylish women in the world, but she says she isn’t proud of a lot of her previous looks, reports

“I have so, so many. I used to listen to stylists that I didn’t know that well and they would just doll me up how they wanted to and I would look crazy.

“I was so laid back about it and just said, ‘Yeah, whatever you want to do!’ and I would look insane. Basically anything before I was 24, I looked crazy, just wrong. There are photos of me out there looking like a hot mess,” she added.

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