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A Secretary often has to make the necessary travel arrangements for her boss in case he is to be away from the office for a day or more.
Travel arrangements need to be carefully planned and have to be thought through from the start to the finish.

Plan and decide properly , then arrange book tickets, reserve hotels , from airport , rent a car.
Check list for travel arrangements

1.Travel reservations
2.Purchasing travel tickets
3.Hotel reservations.
4.Arranging air port transportation.
5.Organising car rental
6.Organising meetings
7.Booking conference facilities
8.Scheduling appointments
9.Passport and Visa requirements ? check with travel agency or embassy
10.Relevant telephone numbers
11.Preparing travel folder
12.Preparing documents, sales literature , and speeches
13.Organising laptop computer if necessary.
14.Organising / checking travel insurance
15.Medical requirements, for example health certificate, inoculation, and medication
16.Purchase/ arranging gifts.
17.Travel expenses, allowance
18.Exchange money, arrange travelers cheque
19.Special requirements
20.Typing trip itinery
It will be very helpful to use the internet and email for travel ? and accommodation , arrangements and country information.

Prepared for : Mr. Joseph
Date Prepared : 6/9/2006
Travel Agent : Al Eithihad
Tel / fax/ e-mail : 02-444422
Date of travelling : 16/9/2006
Reference number : 12345
Travel requirements : Documents, Passport , Visa
Airline preffered,insert 3 choice : BA, GA, Emirates.
Smoking/Non- smoking : Non Smoking
Window/ Aisle Seat :
Meal Requirement : Non ? Veg/ Veg/ Beverages
Class of Travel : Business Class/ 1st class or 2nd Class
Frequent flyer or club number :
Contact Name : Booking

Hotel Reservation
Prepared for : Mr. Bean
Date Prepared : 6/9/2006
Hotel : Sheraton
Tel / Fax/ Email :
Type of Room : Single Room, Double Room,
Date of Arrival : 16/09/2006
Conference room facilities :
Special Requirements : Laptop ; Fax; Car Rental;
Type of Food : Veg/ Non Veg/ Beverages
Duration of Stay :
Date of Arrival
Date of Departure
Contact No :
Air Port Pick Up : Yes
Smoking / Non Smoking :
Booking Meeting Rooms

Definition: An itinery is a detailed plan for a journey showing the dates and times of each stage of the journey. It has to be carefully timed.

When all reservations have been confirmed, the itinery can be typed in its final form. All relevant information should be clearly set out in preparation for the visit. The itinery should be typed in columns.


8 September 1100 hrs Depart Dubai- Flight 107 BA
Check in at 9.00 hrs
1500 hrs Arrive London Heathrow- Terminal 2

Monday 0910 hrs Depart London(Euston Station)
9 September 1150hrs Arrive Manchester
1230hrs Lunch at Star Hotel with Mr. D.Cox
1400 hrs Conference in Jupiter Room, Star Hotel

Tuesday 0900 hrs Depart Manchester
10 September 1100hrs Arrive Glasgow(Central Station)
1230 hrs Lunch at Highlands Hotel
1500hrs Conference at Highlands Hotel
2000hrs Dinner at Grant?s Restaurant, Argyll
Street with Glasgow Merchants Association.
Overnight at Highlands Hotel
(Tel 0412 36887)
11 September 0950 hrs Depart Glasgow Central Station
1040 hrs Arrive Edinburgh
1130 hrs All-day meeting with East of Scotland Agents at Royal Stuart Hotel.

Overnight at Royal Stuart Hotel(Tel.031 332 5789)

Thrusday 1045hrs Depart Edinburgh Airport
12 September Check-in-time 0945hrs

1140 hrs Arrive London Heathrow- Terminal 1
1400hrs Depart London Heathrow- Terminal 2
2345hrs Arrive Dubai

India time : 5.30 P.M
U.A.E : 4.00 P.M
New York : 7.00 A.M
Tokyo : 9.00 P.M
London : 12.00 A.M.
GMT : 12.00 A.M
Paris : 1.00 P.M
Cairo : 2 P.M

Memorandums or memos.

Memos are written messages or communications between people within an organization. They are normally typed on sheets of paper containing only the logo of the company and not on a letterhead. A memo could be of different sizes of paper- A4, A5 depending on the length of the matter to be sent.

The layout of a memo varies considerably from organization to organization; however , this will present no problem once the basic form and purpose of memos is understood;


To : Miss. G. Whitehouse
Ref : PA/ AD/E12
From : Mr. P. Allen
Date : 8 August ,2005


This refers to the discussion we had last Wednesday when you informed me that you would let me have a copy of the new catalogues latest by today. As the stocks of catalogues have almost been exhausted, you are requested to treat this matter on an urgent basis.

I have been unable to contact you over the phone, as you have been on outside business most of this month. Please get in touch when you are next in the office and let me know the position.

P. Allen


Call for : Mrs. Mary Magdalene
Date : 22/8/2000
Caller : Mr.Michael
Time : 8.00 P.M
Of : Swizertland
Tel.No :000000

Message : Madam , I request you to have some goods being dispatched to me at the earliest; for the stocks in the company is almost in minimum ; So let me have your kind co-operation regarding this urgent matter.

I kindly request you to take a note of my telephone message and do me the necessary favour as the first preference. Let me kindly have the reply back regarding this matter on this number 000000 for my satisfaction within 24 hours.

Call taken by : Baby Dingo.


In caser you need to order any goods the purchase order will have to be signed by an authorized person for example from the Purchasing or Accounts department. The orders are numbered and dated. Copies are usually sent to the Purchasing and Accounts departments.

Example Purchase Order.

TEL. 02-999999

TO : Alfalaha Plaza No: 789
Abu Dhabi
Fax No: 2244545 Date : 6/9/2006

Please Supply & Deliver Serial No Item Cost Per Item Quantity Total Cost
1.4567 Pens 1.00 10 10.00
2.345 A4 Size Sheets 20.00 5 100.00
3. 456 Long Book 5.00 10 50.00
4. 678 Markers 3.00 10 30.00

Total 190.00

P.O Raised By : Sandra
(If the P.O. is not clear please call us on 02-999999


An invoice is a bill informing the customer of the goods supplied or services rendered. It would normally contain details of the items purchased, the unit and total prices and any other terms and conditions of the order for example terms of payment, discount etc.


Author: soumya pais- UAE

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