John Abraham doesn’t believe in holidays

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Mumbai (IANS) “Welcome Back” actors John Abraham and Anil Kapoor are extremely eager to work on holidays and festivals, with John stating that he doesn’t believe in holidays.

“It’s a very extremist and unfair way of looking at things, but I don’t really believe in holidays at all. I think we have too many holidays in this country which is economically a huge loss for the country. So we need to reduce the number of holidays,” said John at a press meet here on Raksha Bandhan (Saturday) to a query if they were comfortable on working on such a day.

And if Anil is fond of working on holidays, its partly because of his sister. “I feel somewhere my sister, who’s in Delhi, has blessed me, and she sends me her good wishes and she always says ‘I want you to keep on working’. That’s the best thing she could say. Because I love working and I would love to work on every Raksha Bandhan day and remember my sister.”

“For me, working on a holiday and especially festivals is the best thing. I feel I’m blessed that I’ve been in this profession since many years and I see to it that I work on Holi also,” he added.

John and Anil had previously worked together on action drama “Shootout At Wadala”.

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