‘Jolly Joeys-a Fun Day for Class 1 & 2 of St Joseph School with Theme ‘My Family’

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‘Jolly Joeys – a Fun Day for Class 1 & 2 of St Joseph School, Bengaluru with Theme: “My Family” held on 16 February 2024

Bengaluru: A family is the centre of love, care, strength and support. They are our first teachers and friends of the universe. The theme for Jolly Joeys is “Family”. The day started with a marvy welcome dance, prayer and a unique inaugural. To show the unity of St. Joseph’s family, one child from each section of grades 1 and 2 were dressed up as different members of a family and spoke about their importance while their peers cheered them on.

Father Principal, Rohan D’Almeida, interacted with the children about the different types of families and introduced the term Josephite Family. He made the children understand that the motto “Faith and Toil” means to believe in themselves and to work hard for the betterment of the world. He encouraged the children to do the same.

The fun and frolic continued with activities such as dancing, singing, colouring and drawing and photo collage of each class which were later displayed on the respective class bulletin boards. The children also expressed their feelings about their family through writing.

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