Just Like Urwa & Kavoor Markets, Inaugurated Rs 1.4 Crore New Alake Market Now CLOSED?

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Just Like Urwa & Kavoor Markets, Inaugurated Rs 1.4 Crore New Alake Market Now CLOSED?

  • Just Like Urwa & Kavoor Markets, Inaugurated Rs 1.4 Crore New Alake Market on 13 October 2020 is Now CLOSED? Rumours are that it will open on 25 October after tenders are finalized. Traders of Alake Market are hoping for the BEST, since they still have doubts the Market may not open like the other two inaugurated markets, which are still not opened?

Mangaluru : Just like the Urwa Market and Kavoor Market were inaugurated in January/February 2019 by Former Ministers Ramanath Rai and U T Khader, the same situation has been with the just launched Alake Market. After postponing twice ( once on 2 October and again on 5 October) finally the inauguration of New Alake Market took place and the inauguration was done by Mangaluru South MLA Vedavyasa Kamath, along with MCC Mayor Diwakar Pandeshwar, Deputy Mayor Mrs Vedavathi, corporators- Ms Jayashree J Kudva, Ms Shakeela Kava, Sudheer Shetty Kannur, Ms Poornima, Kiran, Jagadeesh Shetty, Premananda Shetty, Ms Chandravathi, among others. The foundation stone for this Rs 1.4 crore ALAKE MARKET in the 42 Ward of Dongerekery was laid by the then District in-charge minister B Ramanath Rai on 24 July 2016, and after four years, the Alake Market was all ready for business.


In his inaugural address MLA Kamath said, “This will be good news for the traders who will be doing business at the new market, and also good news for the customers where they can shop in a nice and clean market. There is some more work to be done to upgrade, including a new interlock parking area in front of the market. Looking at the old dilapidated Alake market, this new market will be more convenient and more hygienic, both for the traders and customers. During the last elections, foundation stones were laid at various places without proper planning, and therefore there has been a delay. The completed Urwa Market will be open for business. The stopped work at the construction of Kadri Market has started, and work is going on at the construction site of new Kankanady Market.

Well said by MLA Kamath in his speech, and the traders were all happy that they could shift from the junky and dilapidated old Alake Market, which is as BIG as a Chicken House? The dilapidated old Alake Market which was started in the year 1989, was supposed to be demolished, once the new market was launched- but now it’s all history? The new market has six vegetable stalls, four general stores, four fruit stalls, two mutton stalls, one beef stall, two dry fish stalls, four flower stalls, and 12 fish booths. There won’t be a pork stall, as initially planned. Alake is located in the heart of the city, where the majority of the business transactions take place. The new market will fulfill the needs of people as there was no full-fledged market at Alake earlier. Since this Market is also close to Kudroli Gokarananatheshwara Temple, where many visitors come there daily, could get extra business.


But all the hopes of the Traders to move into the nice new market building is all nullified, since MCC has decided to close it until tenders are called and finalized- so for all these traders is back to their business at the old “Stinky & Junky”Alake Market. Just look at the pictures of the Old Alake market, you will never step into that place- and if you did-you may land up puking. I really pity the traders of Chicken, Mutton stalls, Vegetable stalls – and also the women selling fish- how they manage their business in that shabby, pathetic and dilapidated old- market.

Speaking to Team Mangalorean, one trader said, “We have to pay the deposit first, which ranges from Rs 2 to Rs 4 lakhs depending on the size of the shop- and also the rent has been increased. Once the tender is finalized, MCC has assured us that we can move into the new market.At the old market we are around ten people in business, but MCC needs to get more traders since there are more stalls in the new market. But we are all keeping our fingers crossed, as to whether MCC will reopen the new market on 25 October as promised, because of the examples of Urwa and Kavoor Markets. Even though we get a bunch of regulars still doing business at the old-market, they are not comfortable and happy with how the old market looks”.

And we call this City as a SMART CITY? Just look at the filth that is accumulated inside the old market, also the stagnant water with mosquitoes breeding in it. The State-of-the-art toilets in such bad shapes, if someone uses it, they will surely land on a hospital bed next day? Walking inside the old market, the stench from the fish and chicken waste will make you puke-but luckily with covid-19 wearing face masks has helped a bit in inhaling the bad smell and pollution. I am surprised to note how our Officials from District Administration and MCC who boast about the pride of ‘Smart City’ can allow a market to run in such a pathetic and miserable condition.

But a few residents in Alake area who don’t want to shop far, with no option still patronize this Old-Alake Market, putting health in risk. Just wondering whether MLA Vedavyas Kamath, or the MCC Commissioner Akshy Kumar or MCC mayor Diwakar Pandeshwar, or for that matter, even the DC Dr Rajendra have visited the old Alake Market and seen the beauty of the market- and if they did, then they shouldn’t have allowed the market run in such a disgusting and shabby condition. Oh well- seems like Smart City is losing its smartness?

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  1. Smart city is for Smart Pockets. Look at the stupidity at PVS Circle area Tragedy. They built Half Smart Footpath with gutter underneath. Left Clean out openings open for public death. I was about to ask MLA Kamath to install wire net to save people from death. Another stupid act in Smart City!!! Started demolishing Kudmul Hostel and dumping the heavy stones on top of Footpath Slabs while damaging them. Plus all the building waste material has entered the gutter which started flowing due to Heavy Rain.
    Again Gutters will block and more money will be in pockets of Crooks.
    Sad Part of this Smart Misery is I met MCC Engineer,also Contractor site Supervisor PLUS MLA Kamatth in BJP Office. But all my efforts were like pooring water on Rock. Also I brought on sight Bunder Sub Inspector for the safety of Pedestrian and erected Baricade to stop Rowdy Bus Drivers act. I came to know that PVC Circle Cop removes the Baarricade. Where is the Law.

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