Justice Santhosh Hegde

Justice Santhosh Hegde 

Mangalorean.com is very proud to present its Mangalorean Star for the month of April 2008. Justice Santhosh Hegde is the present Lokayukta Chief of the State of Karnataka and is a person who is well on his way to becoming a role model for the younger generation. The intrinsic values he holds dear in his life and his diligent fight against corruption makes him a person who is worthy of emulation.

Santhosh Hegde was born on June 16th, 1940 in Karkala, Udupi District, Karnataka State. He did his schooling at the St. Aloysius High School, Mangalore and the Madras Christian School, Madras. He completed his Intermediate from St. Joseph’s College, Bangalore and his B.Sc., degree from the Central College, Bangalore. He then went on to get a Law degree from the Govt. Law College, Bangalore (presently known as the University Law College, Bangalore). Justice Hegde is married to Mrs. Sharada Hegde, who is herself an M.A., BL. At heart, he is a simple man who loves listening to Ghazals and Hindi music.

Justice Hegde is the son of Late Justice K S Hegde, Former Justice of Supreme Court of India and Former Speaker of Lok Sabha. His Mother, Late Mrs. Meenakshi Hegde, who belonged to Nitte Village. Late K.S. Hegde, was born in Kowdoor Village and had his early education at Karkala and Mangalore, later a degree in Law from the Government Law College, Madras. He Began his legal practice at Karkala in 1936 and later moved to Mangalore, where he was appointed public prosecutor of South Canara district in 1948. He was elected member of the First Council of states, now known as the Rajya Sabha. In 1954, he represented India at the General Assembly of the United Nations. He then became a judge of the Mysore High Court. In 1966, he was appointed the first Chief Justice of the Delhi and Himachal Pradesh High Court. He held this office till he was elevated to the post of judge of the Supreme Court of India in 1967. However, he resigned this office in 1973, in protest against the supersession of senior judges in the appointment of the Chief Justice of India. In 1977, Justice K.S.Hegde was elected to the Lok Sabha and later was appointed Speaker of the Lok Sabha. He held this office till 1980. After a distinguished career, he retired from public life and settled at Nitte, only to relentlessly work for the upliftment and empowerment of the rural people. Justice K.S. Hegde passed away on May 25, 1990.

Justice Santhosh Hegde has been a sportsman throughout his school and university career, which probably explains the deep sense of discipline that has been instilled into his personality and is very evident even today. During his school years, he represented his school team in various games including the Inter-state cricket tournament. He also represented the State of Mysore and University of Mysore in Hockey.

He has held various positions throughout his working career that have brought him prestige and honour. In turn, he has contributed his expertise extensively and the hard work and integrity he has given to every post that he has held, has made it a worthy experience not only for him, but for all those who have worked under him and with him as colleagues.

Description of his posts in brief:

  • Practiced as a Lawyer since 1966.
  • Advocate General of Karnataka between 1984 and 1988.
  • Additional Solicitor General of India at New Delhi between 1989 and 1990.
  • Solicitor General of India between 1998 and 1999.
  • Judge of Supreme Court of India from 1999 to 2005.
  • Chairman, Telecom Disputes Settlement and Appellate Tribunal, New Delhi from 2005 to 2006.
  • Presently functioning as Lokayukta, State of Karnataka , Bangalore since August 2006.


Conferred with a Honorary Doctorate of Law from the University of Mangalore.
Bestowed with the prestigious Vandana Award instituted by the Sri Devi Education trust and Mangalore City Rotaract Club, during the annual day celebrations held on March 8th 2008 at the TMA Pai International Convention Center.

Justice Santhosh Hegde voices his views on corruption and other related matters, in a brief exchange of ideas with Mangalorean.com.

M.com: Are you happy with the present powers that the Lokayukta has been endowed with?

Mr. Hegde: No, I cannot say that I am happy.

M.com: Has the Institution of Lokayukta helped in controlling corruption?

Mr. Hegde: To some extent it has.

M.com: What is the quantum of applications that the Lokayukta receives? Is there any overlapping with Karnataka Administrative Tribunal? If yes, would it be advisable to have a unified body having elements of KAT and Lokayukta?

Mr. Hegde: We get applications in dozens per day. There are nearly 22,000 complaints pending (as of March 2008). The Lokayukta is only an investigating agency and KAT is an adjudicatory body. There is no overlapping of jurisdiction. In my opinion, it is not advisable to confer on the Lokayukta the adjudicatory powers because of the principle that one institution should not be the judge jury and the executioner, which is not accepted in Indian jurisprudence.

M.com: How can the younger generation of our society get involved in fighting corruption and aiding good governance.

Mr. Hegde: The younger generation should first determine to be honest and not to encourage corruption. It should be a tool for good governance by refusing to give bribe and by not accepting bribe. It should develop an attitude of satisfaction within their legitimate income. Thus, the younger generation can certainly bring about change in the social attitude towards corruption.

M.com: You have time and again stressed on the importance of a citizens movement in the city. Will such a movement have a legal support from the administration?

Mr. Hegde: The Citizen movement for good governance, which includes Prevention of Corruption, is a must. If the movement becomes strong, legal support will automatically come from the administration.

M.com: The Right to information Act – how effective has it been so far in bringing about good governance in the City

Mr. Hegde: The Right to Information Act is of the year 2005 and is becoming very popular amongst the people and has already become a tool in the hands of the people to expose maladministration and in the days to come, it will certainly be a threat to corrupt officers.

M.com: You are a Mangalorean. If one thing you would like or dislike in Mangalore particularly about the social life of Mangalore, what would it be.

Mr. Hegde: Amongst all the people in the State of Karnataka, in my opinion Mangaloreans are the most enlightened. Therefore, they should build a value based society and if that is done, certainly it will be a model and an encouraging factor to the rest of India.

M.com: You are also known for your imposing personality, what would you describe the most important aspect of your personality- Is it the clean public life you have led so far, your penchant for an extremely efficient office or simply because you are Santosh Hegde.

Mr. Hegde: It is a God’s gift of developing an attitude of satisfaction with what I have, without desiring for anything more.

M.com: Last but not the least, what is your message to our mangalorean.com readers?

Mr. Hegde: Mangalore is a very fast growing city, both economically and educationally. Therefore, my message to the readers and all Mangaloreans is please protect your culture and city and build a value based society.

Mangalorean.com wishes Justice Santhosh Hegde all the very best in his future endeavors!


Comment on this article

R. Krishnan, India:
Respected Sir,
I am greatly concerned that the Karnataka HC acquitted JJayalalitaa on the ground that the DA against her Known Source of Income (KSI) was less than 10% and hence insignificant, and based the acquittal on the AP HC verdict on the Krishnanand Agnihotri\’s DA Case and the AP Govt.\’s circular. I am not concerned about the calculations, here.
DA is acquired through dishonest and illegal means and other such crimes, and in the case of an Aam Aadmi, a person caught taking a bribe of Rs.100 or 10000 or stealing similar amount from his office is punished, and there is no relevance attributed to his KSI. A DA is one, however big or small it is, and whatever it may be, relating to the KSI of the individual. Would the Court agree that a big businessman who has swindled people and acquired DA of Rs.1 crore is not punishable because his KSI is well over Rs.25 crores?
I do not think there is any such Law in any of the BOOKS, and I would be grateful if you could take up this matter to have some sanity brought in where a DA is one irrespective of the amount, the person who acquired it or that person’s net wealth, and the criminal is sent to jail for a long time to serve as an example to the rest of the nation
With Regards R. Krishnan

Dr.Gopala.G.T, India:
Dear respected sir,
For Karnataka Lokayukta, is it not possible to take up the complaint and start investigation against the registrar of an University with regard to maladministration and violation rules in connection with the salary and related issues of a university employee. Please give your valuable suggestion in this case.
Thanking you sir
Sincerely yours
+91 9448045521

kishorekaikini, India:
Please advise the E Mail ID of Justice Santosh Hegde for Person to person issue of Common interest where his OPINION is needed.
Dr.Kishore Kaikini
9343001821// 080 2671 0699
President NGO
Bio Activated Energy Mission

Mathew, India:
Can I have Justice Santosh Hegde Email to contact him.

Bhustalimath B M Bangalore, India:
Under the Indian constitution, the judicial heads have to retire but not the legislative and executive heads, leading to an absurd: the young has to check the abuse/excesses/vires of the old. What is the logic behind this age-based retirement/no retirement? If there is no logic, then how the constitution has to be modified to rectify this anomaly? Who will have to answer this to the question: The judiciary or the other two wings of the constitution?

Raveesha A, India:
Dear Sir,

You fight against the corruption. I like your style of work and courage to fight against to the worst system.

I requesting you, you can take the charge of Basrur Consumer forum. It was done a good job when the leadership of Mr. Ravindrnath Shynabogh. Someone should lead this type of organization for fight against to the system.

This is for your information and needful action.

Raveesha A

Lizzie Mascarenhas, India:
You did very great job sir.Hats up u..u r a one of proudly Mangalorean.D.Kannada would be shining with more people like Santosh Hegde.i like your great job to fighting against to corruption definitely everyone can support to you to fighting against to corruption wether anything. Please Dear sir dont stop this fighting against to govrnment.
I wish you all the success in your way.

Sonia, India:
Sir, i want to meet u . How will i be able to meet u and contact.
U hav been a inspiring person in my life.

Yash Pal, India:
I can only repeat what others have already said. Put pithily:

“Sir, we are very happy that your kind of people are there in the system still. Whatever you are doing as Chief of Lokayukta, people of Karnataka are very happy. No matter what our politicians think about you. you are there in the heart of Karnataka people. If we think about Honesty we think about you Sir. Thank you so much for your patience (Fighting against politicians & Corruption). We will not get your replacement sir”.

Justice Hegde has conducted himself with great dignity and is a role model for judiciary and common man. His dignified response to wild allegations of Mamata Banerjee (in assembly- where she enjoys immunity) is to be appreciated.

Lastly all such people are to be placed in india.com and not merely mangalorean.com (they belong to the country and not to Mangalore or Karnataka alone).

C A Muddamaiah, India:
Dear Sir,

You fight for India against curruption inspired me to fight the ensuing assembly election from Hebbal Vidhana sabha Constitunecy as an Indpendent candidate for 2013, I need your postal address, i would like to come and meet you , please given an appointment as and when convenient to you

Warm Regards

C A Muddamaaih
556, I Main, II Stg, III Blk
RMV Extn, Dollar Colony,
Bangalore -560094

santhosh, India:
hi, you are my favourite

T.Partha Saradhi, India:
This article is very informative and I am thankful to Mangalorean.com for giving full details of Sri.Santhosh Hegde.

I want to send an appeal addressed to the Chief Election commissioner of India proposing some some reforms in conducting of elections. For that I need the opinion and help of sri. Hegde. I am unable to get his Postal address and E mail ID. Please send them to my mail id given below.



AnantharamaiahBN, Moldova:
I have a case of transfer of khatha from mother to daughter pending for more than 6 years with ARO Malleshwaram vide his no1487/2005. Noa an inch mived but the query raised shifted the work to BDA bangalore where it is pending for over 6 months for a reconveyance deed and a PC. Even RTI and appeals dtd 17-11-2011 is not working. Let me contact justice Santhosh hegde and seek his assistance. Kindly send his email address to me for contact.



I want to know address detail of Justice santosh Hegde. Please mail me his home address & Contact No. on my mail jagatdangra@gmail.com

SantanuKumar Barik, India:
Respected Sir,
I Santanu Kumar Barik from keonjhar,orissa. The common men of India can able to get justice by your movement against corruption. In my native village Malda under keonjhar district,orissa a copany named Arya steel want to set up an industry over our 187 acres fertile agricultural land. This illegal land acquisition strongly opposed by villagers.But the poor farmers of above said village has nothing strength to fight against this unlawful land acquisition. Hence I request your honour to fight with us for this noble cause. Thanking you. With regards Santanu Kumar Barik, Advocate & Social activist, Keonjhar, orissa Mob-9438413104

hemavathi, India:
im hemavathi having hearing problem.Iim staying in shimoga.daily in news paper i will search for news about hegde sir. i liked so much santhosh hegde sir. i appreciate him.i have life goal to pass ias.and i come to knew that ias officers also involved in corruption. this may due to influenc,power,force of politicians. if its yes,then how highr grade officers discharge there duty sir… how i get ur information and what words you like to say for th youth?

Ranga Reddy, India:
Hedge is one of the honest person

Anand Kumar, India:
Dear sir,
My name is Anand I am from bangalore and i like your great job to fighting against to corruption definitely everyone can support to you to fighting against to corruption wether anything. Please Dear sir dont stop this fighting against to govrnment
i can support in my entired life for you because i am a six sense of human being and again i would like to say everyone can support to you one who six sense of human being. i did not see god but i know my god sent you to help to us.

mahesh.c, India:
Hello sir i have inspired and enthralled by seeing you here today in gangothri.though i have seen you on TV by hearing your actions towards attacking on corrupted politicians.. today i got an opportunity to participate in the discussion on ‘corruption in India’ in senet hall at manasgangothri,mysore.as we know that corruption in India has crucially played on common people. it is damaging social and political harmony among the people. so by receiving your speech today here in senet hall i thought definitely, we the students will come foreword to protest against corruption and we will aim it to protect and support our country making free from corruption…………..

harsha hegde, India:
really hats of to hegde sir

mohan reddy, India:
u did very great job sir..

david colaco, India:
India would be shining with more people like Santosh Hegde. I am a great admirer of him. Very well done Sir with no fear but sincerity and honesty. Long Live Ex justice Santosh Hegde. Wish you a very happy retired life. We say you have accomplished the best .

srikanth bms, India:
hi sir happy friendship day……………..

Rajesh…Bengaluru, india, India:
Dear Hegde sir,

Manjuram Shetty..Dharwad, India:
Dear Hegde Sir,
Hats up u..u r a one of proudly bunts…n a great Indian..God bless u..and wish u happy Rtd life….manjuram72@yahoo.com

Sir you are role model for young genaration.Like you peolpe now adays we are not getting.Everybody have to learn from you lot of things.Now adays curreption in india is very high.It has to be come down to single digit.Lokpal bill has to be initiated in parlament.God bless you & your family.Have a good health.My support for you for anything.

jaya, India:

very good,

Harish K “Karuna Mala” Sullia, D.K., India:
Corruption is serious problem in our day to day Life. Your effort to eradicate this problem is appreciable. We wish you all the success in your way.
We are all proud for your honesty and sincierity in your proffessioal Life. Keep it up. Please don’t give up.
We wish to have the easy access of your offcials to report the corruptions immediately wherever we find in our day to day aspects.
Thanks and Regards.

Nishchal Gowda, India:
Sir, we are very happy that your kind of people are there in the system still. Whatever you are doing as Chief of Lokayuktha, people of Karnataka are very happy. No matter what our politicians think about you. you are there in the heart of Karnataka people. If we think about Honesty we think about you Sir. Thank you so much for your patience (Fighting against politicians & Corruption). We will not get your replacement sir.

Shobha, India:
Sir i like you very much. If it is possible i want talk with you sir.

nithyanand.m.shetty, UAE:
Respected Santoshanna…
As I know you since my childhood(just for your memories…I am son of Manibettuguttu Muttanna Shetty, Bala Village, mangalore)I feel that we are in a safer hand as you always stood to your convictions and are in the helm of our states judicial system.
May GOD keep you and your dear ones always happy and healthy.

Cyril John, India:
I’m ur fan sir and taking up a small study on ur life and skills….. I admire u !!!

R.Venkatakrishnan,M.Com;MCA;MBA,Assoc.Editor, “Marine Waves”, India :
Office of the DGS(Directorate General of Shipping, Mumbai) to view the poor condition of vessels anchored in the coast of Gujarat awaiting movement to scrap yards of ALANG, Tuticorin or to Bangladesh. Consider the state of living and working conditions of crew where indians are employed. The manning agents of those whether really approved by office of DGS or complies to the standard norms agreeable on humanitarian grounds.

Prashanth. Mangalore, India:
It was really a dirty political game played by the karnataka government and Mr yeduand made you submit your resignation. Afterall giving supre powers to the lokayukta will bring demons behind small culprits out. After all this is india. Anything is possible for money. Any ways, i respect you for your work done and appreciate it whole heartedly. Congratulations and keep up your service to INDIA.

Shantaram S. Shetty, India:
Respected Sir,

Hearty Congratulations on your attaining the respectable position in SC, India. Rest is your honourable attitude and discipline in the hierarchial society one should learn & and adopt. All the best in your present endevour.

Best Regards,
S. S. Shetty

roshan, India:
I am your fan.. congrats Sir..

Congratulations for attaining such an elevated position in the Judicial hierarchy to solve the grievences of the injustice meted out to the vulnerable section of the community who cannot afford the luxury of expensive judicial system. May god bestow upon you the courage and conviction to carry out your noble function.

Dr BRS Hegde
63a, Laings Road
Lower Hutt
New Zeland

suresh chandra, INDIA, BANGALORE,, India:
Dear Sir, Hearty congratulations and all the best.

Sukumar Shetty Kundapur, India:
Mangalorean Star column is dedicated for those fellow mangaloreans who have been known for the good work, dedication and talents.We like to bring all those personalities here and introduce them to the community.If you know some one whom you wish to appear in this column, please Let Us Know.