‘Juventus need do 2-3 things well to beat Barcelona’

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Rome, June 2 (IANS) Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri has expressed his optimism head of the European Champions League final on Saturday in Berlin, noting that his side “just needs to do two or three things well” to defeat Barcelona.

At Monday’s press conference held just a few days ahead of the final, Allegri admitted that Barcelona players “play a style of football that is completely different to all the other teams,” explaining that “Neymar and (Lionel) Messi have unique characteristics”, reports Efe.

The Juventus tactician also added that his team does not have to do “great things” but needs instead a very solid performance that can limit-or even better cancel out-Barcelona’s strongest points.

The coach explained that the tie against the Blaugrana requires patience and mental focus and that he didn’t believe it would come to a penalty shootout, but that his team should be ready for all possible outcomes.

“It’s impossible to man-mark Messi. We’ll have to be good at working around him,” Allegri said in reference to the Argentine ace.

Allegri defended Juventus, which won in the Serie A and the Coppa Italia titles, saying that “Juventus have improved a lot, acquiring awareness of our means. And that makes me hopeful.

“We will go to Berlin knowing that there will be difficult moments in the final, but there’ll also be good moments for us too.”

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