K Sridhar adds a New Dimension to His Passion for Lighthouses through Stamps!

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K Sridhar adds a New Dimension to His Passion for Lighthouses through Stamps!

Mangaluru: Light the Way to a Hobby to get Stuck on! Add a new dimension to your passion for lighthouses – STAMPS! Hundreds of postage stamps have been issued by the United States and other countries picturing and celebrating lighthouses since the first postal stamp was issued by Great Britain of Queen Victoria in 1840. New Zealand had issued a set of stamps commemorating the 150th anniversary of New Zealand’s first lighthouse. The New Zealand stamps even have a glow-in-the dark feature showing a beam of light emanating from the lighthouse. In fact, New Zealand has been issuing lighthouse postage stamps since 1891.

Stamp collecting can be a fun way to learn about many things, including lighthouses. Not only can you identify which countries have lighthouses, but you can also see what they look like. Sometimes you can find informative material about lighthouses, such as where they are located, their characteristic, the types of lighting apparatus, in addition to related subjects such as the Coast Guard, buoys, and lifesaving. And locally, here in Mangaluru, we have K Sridhar, who works as General Manager in Information Systems Department for Mangalore Refinery and Petrochemicals Limited (MRPL), Panambur, Mangaluru since 1996, who is known for his love for lighthouses among philatelists.

K Sridhar seen with {L-R} his elder son Adarsh, younger son Abishek and wife Hemavathy

Hailing from Erode in Tamil Nadu, Sridhar has been collecting stamp(s) since childhood. But, later due to studies and work, he discontinued it half-way, but restarted the stamp collection hobby in the year 2000. Joining as an ordinary member in Dakshina Kannada Philatelic & Numismatic Association (DKPNA) in the year 2000, he later on, became a Patron member of the Association in the year 2002, and currently, holding the post of Vice President of the Association. He is also member of Trichy Philatelists Association, Gujarath Philatelic Association, Karnataka Philatelic Club (Bengaluru) and UK’s Lighthouse Stamp Society. Speaking Team Mangalorean Sridhar said, ” During the earlier days, I was intended to collect all the stamps which I came across. But, the members of the Association helped me in choosing a theme for stamp collection. As I was working in a Refinery, they suggested me to collect stamp(s) on the theme Oil & Gas. Their advice interested me and I started thematic stamp collection.:

When asked how he got stuck on to the collection of stamps featuring Lighthouses, he said, ” During the weekends, I used to visit the nearby Surathkal beach. The Lighthouse there in the beach made me to collect stamps on Lighthouses. Hence, I zeroed my stamp collection on two themes, one on LIGHTHOUSES and the other one on OIL & GAS. This is how, my journey into thematic stamp collection started. As of today, I am having around 4000 postal materials on the theme Lighthouses and about 3000 postal materials on the theme Oil & Gas. India has only four stamps on lighthouse- Minicoy lighthouse of Lakshadweep, Mahabalipuram of Chennai, Alape of Kerala and Aguada of Goa”.

Sridhar has participated and exhibited his Lighthouse stamp collection in various States, National and International philatelic exhibitions and won Three State Level awards, Two National Level awards and One International Level awards, namely : 1} SILVER BRONZE in KARNAPEX-2003 (State Level); 2. SILVER in KARNAPEX-2007 (State Level); 3. SILVER BRONZE in INPEX-2008 (National Level); 4. SILVER in KARNAPEX-2015 (State Level); 5. VERMEIL in INPEX-2017 (National Level); and 6. LARGE VERMEIL in Rocky Mountain Stamp Show-2018, Denver, Colorado, USA (International Level). He has also got selected to participate in 35th Asian International Stamp Exhibition to be held in Macao, People’s Republic of China in the month of September 2018.

Married to Hemavathy, a native of Erode, and a Post Graduate in Commerce, is a Homemaker, and she is also a News Reader in the Tamil Internet FM radio run in Trichy for the general audience especially for Visually challenged people. Proud father of two sons, his elder son, Adarsh, is doing his Engineering in Bengaluru, and a Shuttle Badminton player has participated in District level Badminton tournaments. Like dad, he also collects philatelic materials on the theme of Cricket game, and has participated in KARNAPEX-2015 and won BRONZE Medal for his exhibit titled “GENTLEMAN’s GAME”. Sridhar’s younger son, Abishek studying 10th standard in Delhi Public School, MRPL, is also a Shuttle Badminton and has participated in District level Badminton tournaments. He’s also interested in collecting philatelic materials on the theme of “BUTTERFLY”.

And like they say “Like Dad, Like Son, who wants to follow in his dad’s footsteps”, his son who is also a stamp collector has also been selected to participate in above International Stamp Exhibition in China in September 2018. Speaking about his Son’s hobby of Stamp collecting, Sridhar said, ” I encouraged my younger son also into stamp collection. I suggested him to collect on Nature and he selected the theme Butterflies. Now, he’s collecting postal materials on Butterflies. He too participated in various State, National and International Philatelic exhibitions under Youth category, and has won awards like SILVER BRONZE in KARNAPEX-2015 (State Level); BRONZE in 31st Asian International Stamp Exhibition, Hong Kong (International Level); BRONZE in World Stamp Championship Exhibition, Taipei (International Level); SILVER in INPEX-2017 (National Level); and LARGE SILVER in Rocky Mountain Stamp Show-2018, Denver, Colorado, USA (International Level).

Butterfly Stamp collections of Abishek

Sridhar has also started his own blog on Lighthouse, wherein he shares information on the various lighthouse postal materials which he has collected. His blog can be reached thru http://ksbeacon.blogspot.com. Narrating about his recent development, Sridhar said, ” In Trichy, Tamil Nadu, a Tamil Internet FM radio station was providing News headlines, Cookery, Inspirational quotes, General Knowledge and Historical events on daily basis to Visually challenged people in audio format. When I contacted them to know about the way they are carrying out the information sharing, they asked me to share my knowledge and experience on Stamps and stamp collection on weekly basis. So, from June 2017, I started sharing the information on stamps in their Internet FM radio to general audience. This helps the people to know about the various types of stamps and their usage”.

Gentleman’s Game Stamp collection of Adarsh

“What makes permanent picture cancellations unique is that they are available in a particular post office. There are over 240 plus permanent picture cancellations in India and I have collected around 196 PPCs. Nineteen states and seven union territories have released PPCs. I have collected PPCs of 15 states and four union territories. Karnataka has released most number of PPCs with Tamil Nadu having 36, and followed by Kerala with 32. The three southern states have 209 PPCs among them contributing 60 per cent of the PPCs of India, and have collected 197. ” added Sridhar.

Interestingly, Mangaluru also has permanent picture cancellation for Mangalore light house. Karnataka is having 48 PPC. Permanent Picture Cancellation is a postmark which replicates the place or thing with religious, historic or tourist importance. Latest added to stamp collection is St Lawrence Basillica Attur in Karkala, released on 18 January 2018. The oldest permanent picture cancellation- ‘Qutab Minar’ was released in November 29, 1960 and latest- ‘Malpe’, ‘Nandalike’ and ‘Kattale Basadi’ were released in January 17, 2015. Among other PPCs include ‘Madikathi- Odikathi and Peechikathi’ and ‘Gumbaz’ or ‘Sword and headgear of Tipu Sultan’ of Karnataka have multiple designs.

Following are few of Sridhar’s Lighthouse Collections:

Greece – Lighthouse of Alexandria :

Greece commemorated the Lighthouse of Alexandria with the release of a 0.50 drachma stamp on 23-Jul-1977 to commemorate the 2300th Death Anniversary of Alexander the Great.

‘Pharos of Alexandria’, a tower built in the 3rd century on the island of Pharos in Alexandria, Egypt to serve as the port’s landmark and later, its Lighthouse.

It was one of the tallest man-made structures in the World for may centuries and was regarded as one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

The first Ptolemy (Ptolemy I Stoter) initiated the construction of the lighthouse shortly after the death of Alexander the Great. The lighthouse was finished during the reign of Second Ptolemy (Ptolemy II Philadelphus).

Gibraltar – Europa Point Lighthouse :

Gibraltar Post commemorated Europa Point Lighthouse with the release of a 3d stamp on Mar-1940.

‘Europa Point’ is featured on the 3d light blue stamp which was produced in perforations 13,13½, and 14. The perforation 13 is also listed in a greenish blue colour. The view of Europa Point was used again for the 5d red-orange stamp released in 1947.

South Africa – Lighthouse Miniature Sheet 9-Jun-1988 :

South African Post commemorated…1. Pelican Point Lighthouse (16 cents); 2. Green Point Lighthouse (30 cents); 3. Cape Agulhas Lighthouse (40 cents) and 4. Umhlanga Rocks Lighthouse (50 cents), with the release of a Miniature Sheet on 9-Jun-1988.

Barbados – East Point (Ragged Point) Lighthouse :

East Point Lighthouse also known as Ragged Point Lighthouse is located on a bluff above the sea level on the Atlantic Ocean about 2 kms North-West of East Point, the Easternmost point of the Barbados Island. One of the most picturesque lighthouse of Barbados Island is closed and non-operational. The keeper’s house and light station buildings are abandoned. The East Point Lighthouse was commemorated by Barbados Postal Service with the release of a $2.20 stamp on 13-Jun-2013.

Built in the year 1875, the EAST POINT Lighthouse: Tower is CONICAL stone;Tower painted WHITE; Lantern and watch room is painted BLACK; Height is 29.5 metres; Colour scheme of the LIGHT is RED; LIGHT character is CONTINUOUS

Iceland – Skarðsfjara Lighthouse :

The Skarosfjara Lighthouse is located in the coastline East of Myrar. The Lighthouse is in a remote area and there may not be any land access. This Lighthouse was equipped with a 3 meters high octagonal Swedish lantern, a 500 mm dioptical lens and gas-lighting equipment previously used in the Galtarviti Lighthouse.

In 1968, a concrete machine cabin was built close to the lighthouse and fitted with a lighting machine and equipment for the radio beacon. In the same year, the lighthouse was powered by electricity. In 1973, the lighthouse was fitted with radar response equipment with GPS correction and automatic meteorological station came in 1993.

In 1994, the Icelandic Civil Aviation Administration took over the operation of the beacon. Iceland Post in its Lighthouse Series – III commemorated the Skarosfjara Lighthouse by releasing a stamp on 12-Sep-2013 and it is valued at Icelandic Krona 300 to Europe 100g. Built in the year 1959, the SKAROSFJARA Lighthouse: Tower is SQUARE PYRAMIDAL STEEL skeletal; Painted RED; Height is 22 metres; Colour scheme of the LIGHT is WHITE; LIGHT character is 4 (four) FLASHES in a Long-Short-Long-Short pattern every 30 seconds

Iceland – Vattarnes Lighthouse :

The Vattarnes Lighthouse is located in prominent cape on the south side of the entrance to the Reyoarfjorour, South-East coast of Iceland. The lantern and the gas equipment of this lighthouse came from Sweden and the lighthouse was fitted with a 500 mm lens. In 1957, a new lighthouse was built on Vattarnestangi. The Lighthouse is operational and can be accessed by road. Iceland Post in its Lighthouse Series – III commemorated the Vattarnes Lighthouse by releasing a stamp on 12-Sep-2013 and it is valued at Icelandic Krona 120 for Domestic 50g.

Built in the year 1912, the VATTARNES Lighthouse: Tower is CYLINDRICAL concrete; Painted YELLOW; Lantern painted RED; Height is 12 metres; Colour scheme of the LIGHT is WHITE or RED or GREEN depending on direction; LIGHT character is 2 (two) FLASHES every 15 seconds; and Run on electricity from the power grid while gas was used as an alternative energy source

Germany – Brunsbuttel Mole-1 Lighthouse :

The Brunsbutter Mole-1 Lighthouse is located in the city of Brunsbutteler city. It helps as one of the navigation point for vessel traffic on the river Elbe and the entrance to the North Sea-Baltic Canal. Brunsbuttel Mole Lighthouse was commemorated by Deutsche Post with the release of 45 Euro Cent stamp on 7-Jul-2005.

Established in the year 1895, the Brunsbutter Mole-1 Lighthouse: Tower is OCTAGONAL cast-iron; Tower with lantern and Upper and Lower galleries; Tower mounted on an Octagonal stone base; Upper 2/3 (above the lower gallery) painted WHITE ; Lower 1/3 painted BLACK; Height is 11 metres; Colour scheme of the; LIGHT is WHITE or GREEN depending on direction; and LIGHT character is CONTINUOUS.

Vietnam – Dai Lanh Lighthouse :

Dai Lanh Lighthouse is located in Dai Lanh Cape in the Phu Yen Province in Central Vietnam considered to be a land of great potential for tourism industry. In 1890, the French built a Lighthouse in the Cape. It operated until 1945 and resumed operation in 1961. The Lighthouse was renovated in 1997. The Lighthouse has 110 wood-made stairs. This is one of the 45 National Lighthouse(s) in Vietnam. The Vietnam Post in its “Lighthouse in Vietnam” stamp set, commemorated the Dai Lanh Lighthouse with a 6000 dong stamp on 15-May-2013.

Established in the year 1904 (some sources give 1890), the Dai Lanh Lighthouse: Tower is ROUND stone; Tower painted WHITE; Lantern dome painted BLACK; Height is 26.5 metres; Colour scheme of the LIGHT is WHITE; LIGHT character is THREE FLASHES every 15 seconds

India – Alleppey Lighthouse Maxim Card (Private) :

Alleppey Lighthouse was commemorated with the release of Maxim Card(Private) with the Alleppey (Alappuzha) First day Postmark of 23-Dec-2012. The image in the Maxim Card depicts the unpainted Alleppey Lighthouse.

India – Fort Aguada Lighthouse Maxim Card (Private) :

Fort Aguada Lighthouse was commemorated in the release of Maxim Card (Private) with the postage stamp released by India Post on 19-Dec-2011 to commemorate the Golden Jubilee celebration of Goa (where the lighthouse is located) Liberation Day.

About Dakshina Kannada Philatelic and Numismatic Association {DKPNA} :

In 1975, the dream of Philatelists of Mangaluru came true with NV Shenoi, Director General of Post and Telegraph Department, Govt. of India inaugurating the Mangalore Philatelic Club. The objective of the Club was to promote philatelic interest and to provide education to young and the old through postage stamps. In 1976 the Club hosted the 1st ever District Level Exhibition in India – Mangalapex under the patronage of the then SSP Smt. KNK Karthiayani. In 1992, with a strength of 66 members, the Club was renamed Dakshina Kannada Philatelic Association with an aim of reaching every nook and corner of the District. Currently DKPNA has a total members of DKPA-Patron Members-84 and Life Members-360. was again renamed as Dakshina Kannada Philatelic and Numismatic Association (DKPNA) on April 14, 2002. Presently DKPNA is on the Web with an aim to show India through her stamps and coins.

Newly elected Office bearers for the year 2018-2020 at the Annual General Body Meeting of the Association held on 10th June 2018 at Head Post Office Mangaluru are: President-M.Prabhakar Kamath; Vice Presidents – Baikady Srinivas Rao, Mrs. Merlyn Correa and K.Sridhar; Secretary- Mansoor Hussain B; Joint Secretary- Raviraj B; Treasurer- Raghavendra Shenoy; Joint Treasurer- Mrs.Harriet Lasrado; Librarian- Mansoor Hussain B; Chartered Accountant – K.B.Prasanna Kumar; Committee Members: M.R.Pavanje, M.K.Krishnayya, S.Gopal, Mrs.Jane D’Souza, Nasir Misbah, Raghunath Prabhu, M Jayaprakash Rao, Dr.G.G.Laxman Prabhu, Dr.Ranjan R.K, M.C. Shenoy, Nagendra Nayak, and Madanlal

The membership of DKPNA is open to all. Members meet every second Sunday at 10:00 hours IST at Head Post Office, Pandeshwara, Mangaluru. The latest developments in the Philatelic World are discussed. New members are introduced. Forthcoming activities of DKPNA are chalked out during these meetings. DKPNA has a very good library with lots of interesting books for the beginner to Philately. Exhibitions are also held at the venue. Annual Membership Rs.250.00; Life Membership Rs.1500.00; Patron Membership Rs.2500.00 and above; Admission Fee (For New Members) Rs.50.00; Overseas membership USD 30 (annual). For more details or to be a member Contact: DKPNA, P O Box 250, Mangaluru-575001 or Email: dakapa_1999@yahoo.com; dkpana@gmail.com

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