Kanara Cultural Association (Regd) Delhi Golden Jubilee on November 12

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Kanara Cultural Association (Regd) Delhi Golden Jubilee on November 12

New Delhi: Kanara Cultural Association (KCA) Delhi which was established in 1966 celebrates its Golden Jubilee on November 12, 2016. The celebration will be held at the Diocesan Community Hall, 1 Ashoka Road, New Delhi. The programme will include a thanksgiving prayer service in Konkani and cultural programme in which KCA founder members, former Presidents of KCA will be honoured and KCA Golden Jubilee Souvenir will be released.

KCA President- Lydia Almeida

KCA executive committee headed by Lydia Almeida has extended a cordial invitation to all present and former KCA members (settled in India and abroad, Konkani artistes and organizations promoting Konkani language and culture in India and abroad.

KCA as part of its Golden Jubilee celebrations has taken up two initiatives – i) KCA Higher Education Fund to provide scholarships to the needy and ii) Building Fund that aims to have an office space for KCA in the national capital of India New Delhi. KCA appeals for support to its Golden Jubilee initiatives. Contributions can be sent to:

Account Name: KANARA CULTURAL ASSOCIATION DELHI; S/B/A/C No: 438255088; IFSC CODE: IDIB 000N022; MICR CODE-11001909; Bank Name: Indian Bank, New Delhi Main, G-41, CANNUGHT PLACE, NEW DELHI, PH: 011-23712158; 23712162 Email: lydiaalmeida2@gmail.com

Golden Jubilee Invitation

During the last 50 years, KCA has been successful in uniting Konkani speaking people of the coastal region of Karnataka under one association in Delhi, the national capital of India and national capital region. In a distant place from “Mai Gaon” inDelhi, KCA has provided a sense of community home, and local moorings. In a calendar year, KCA conducts four to five programmes. All expenses of these programmes are met by contributions by KCA members. In addition, KCA has supported Konkani language programmes in Delhi and KCA platform has been used regularly for Konkani language programmes by Konkani artistes from different parts of India. As a registered association KCA accounts are audited and elections to KCA Executive Committee and Area Representatives, are conducted regularly as per Articles of KCA’s Memorandum of Association. The present KCA Executive Committee was elected in September 2015.

KCA’s Present Executive Committee

KCA Office Bearers

YEAR        PRESIDENT        SECRETARY       Spiritual Director

1962/6    J M D’Souza         L W Lewis           Fr Victor D’Souza
1966       L W Lewis           Maxim Sequeira    Fr Victor D’Souza
1971       A S Pinto            Michael Veigas      Fr Victor D’Souza
1974       F T R Colaco        Stanly Gonsalves  Fr Victor D’Souza
1977       A J F D’Souza      Hero Vas              Fr Victor D’Souza
1978    Vivian JF Noronha   Raphael S’Souza   Fr Valentine D’Silva
1980       Niranjan Alva      Martin Pinto       Fr Vincent M Concessao
1981      L W Lewis           Martin Pinto          Fr Victor D’Souza
1982      Hugh Pinto          Raphael D’Souza    Fr Valentine D’Silva
1983      Hugh Pinto          Michael Suares      Fr Valentine D’Silva
1985      M L T Fernandes   Michael Suares      Fr Victor D’Souza
1987      Ezme Vas            Raphael D’Souza    Fr Valentine D’Silva
1988     Vivian JF Noronha  Joselyn Martins     Fr Vincent Concessao
1990     Maxwell Pereira    Patrick Rodrigues    Fr Victor D’Souza
1992     VJF Noronha        Patrick Rodrigues    Fr Valentine D’Silva
1993     Martin Pinto         Patrick Rodrigues    Fr Victor D’Souza
1996     Martin Pinto         Saturine Mathias     Fr Victor D’Souza
1997     Simon Lobo         Saturine Mathias     Fr John Noronha
1998     J F Lobo              Eric D’Souza           Fr John Noronha
2000     J F Lobo              Irene D’Souza         Fr Donal De’Souza
2001     J F Lobo              Irene D’Souza         Fr Vijay Baretto
2003     Irene D’Souza      Lancy Lobo             Fr Henry Dsouza
2006    Martin Pinto          Wilfred D’Souza      Fr Henry D’Souza
2007    Irene D’Souza       Dorthy Pereira         Fr Alwyn D’Souza
2009    Vincent Menezes    Irene D’Souza         Fr Wilfred D’Souza
2010    Vincent Menezes    Helen Lobo             Fr Chetan Machado
2013    Elias Pinto            Prashanth D’Souza   Fr Chetan Machado
2015    Lydia Almeida       Praveen D’Souza      Fr Vincent Crasta

KCA Journey 1966 to 2016: Golden Memories:

KCA’s five-decade-old history in the capital of India is impressive. It is said the desire to sing “Sakkad Sangatha Melaya” to celebrate Montiche Fest and to have a community meal with “ Nove” was the binding and the moving force that led to the formation of KCA,something which is very common and unites the Kanarites in any part of the world even now. As a matter of fact, the broad-based cultural association of Kanara Catholics came into being in the 1960’s (1962-66) after settling issues such as ‘no economic status will be considered, all Kanarite Catholics, Konkani and Konkani lovers will be entitled to the membership of K.C.A. In the formative phase, KCA was fortunate to have active help and guidance of the late Archbishop of Delhi, Dr Joseph Fernandes. It was he who gave a call to all the Kanarites of Delhi to a meeting which was held on Saturday 12 February 1966 in the hall of Convent of Jesus and Mary (This date, according to Fr Victor D’Souza “can be taken as the ‘Birth Day of KCA and this 1st Assembly formed the first Executive Body”). Around 70 people were present for the meeting. The late Archbishop stressed the need for creating an Association with a view to uniting the Kanarites and to keep alive in their minds various social and cultural activities with traditional fervor. His proposal was wholeheartedly accepted and the Association was formed immediately by enrolling all present at the meeting as members of the Association.

KCA First Spiritual Director

KCA Founding Members

The late Archbishop Dr Joseph Fernandes consented to be the Patron of the Association. The late J M D’Souza, then General Manager of Times of India, Delhi was elected as the first president and L W Lewis as the first Secretary of the Association. Fr Victor D’Souza was appointed as the Spiritual Director. J M D’Souza remained President till 1966, where after L W Lewis succeeded him and Maxim Sequeira became the Secretary.

KCA flowers

KCA Welcomes

KCA Pillars

KCA Audience

In 1971 A S Pinto was elected President with Michael Vegas as Secretary. In 1974 F T R Colaco became President with Stanley Gonsalves as Secretary, and in 1977 A J F D’Souza was elected President with Fr Victor D’Souza continuing as Spiritual Director. Hero Vaz as Secretary, in 1978 Vivian J F Noronha became President and Raphael D’Souza the Secretary, with Fr Valentine D’Silva as the Spiritual Director. In 1980 Niranjan Alva was President, Martin Pinto the Secretary, with Fr Vincent Concessao the Spiritual Director. In 1981 L W Lewis was again President, Martin Pinto the Secretary and Fr Victor D’Souza, again the Spiritual Director. During this period KCA promoted in-house talent and some of the popular dramas performed were ‘Shintri Simaon’, ‘Dr Gaspar’ and ‘Ek chedho sadesaat chedvan’. These plays were well attended and highly appreciated by the audience.

Konkani Artistes performing in Delhi

KCA Honours Konkani Artistes

KCA Honours Konkani Artistes

In 1982 Hugh Pinto became the President, Raphael D’Souza the Secretary, with Fr Valentine D’Silva as the spiritual director. Hugh Pinto was re-elected the President the next year 1983, while Michael Suares took over as Secretary. It was then decided that the same committee would continue for a term of two years so that there would be continuity in the running of the KCA for a longer period. There was an important change at this stage in the aims and ideals of the KCA. Members began to see the organization as not only a social unit but also a unit that would help the needy members. A Special Education Fund was set up which was to be registered and made into a recognized fund to help those members who deserved such help. In a fundraising drive, a modest sum was collected for the purpose and a beginning was made.

KCA singing

In 1985, M L T Fernandes was elected President for a two-year term with Michael Suares, as Secretary and Fr Victor D’Souza as the Spiritual Director. In 1987 Esmi Vaz took over the reins of the Association with Raphael D’Souza as Secretary and Fr Valentine D’Silva as the Spiritual Director. In 1988 V J F Noronha became the President, Joselyn Martins the Secretary and Fr Vincent Concessao was elected as Spiritual Director. In 1989 Building Fund and General Fund was created. Harry Sequeira and others helped from outside the committee. Attempts were made to frame the constitution, which was unanimously adopted at the AGBM held on Sept 9, 1990.In 1990 Kanara Catholic Association became Kanara Cultural Association. The year 1991 to 1992 marked a major achievement. KCA was registered under the Societies Registration Act 1860 wide no S/23363 dated 17th September 1992 by the committee headed by Maxwell Pereira (former President KCA). The year 1991-1992 has also witnessed another landmark. Konkani was recognized as one of the national languages, taking its place in the 8th Schedule of our country’s Constitution. From 1990 onwards KCA focused more on cultural activities and emerged as a platform for Konkani programs for Konkani speaking people of Delhi. During this period KCA hosted musical nites such as ‘Wilfy nite’ by Wify Rebimbus and ‘Bovndi’ by Eric Ozario. This was held at Talkatora stadium on 23rd September 1995. This event witnessed a huge participation of five thousand people.

KCA acting

Some of the KCA members became prominent during this time in political, administrative, academic, corporate and religious fields. Oscar Fernandes and Margaret Alva became Members of Parliament. (Oscar became M.P. in 1980 and continues as an M.P. and patron of KCA till date) KCA felicitated all the Parliamentarians from Kanara on 10th August 1991. KCA also celebrated the joy of its members becoming bishops/archbishops viz., Dr Vincent Concessao, Dr Henry D’Souza and Dr Ignatius Mascarenhas. KCA felicitated academicians, administrators and Konkani Artistes.

KCA Traditional Welcome

From 2000 onwards composition of KCA members were not only limited to the national capital, Delhi but also expanded to National Capital Region (NCR) which included Faridabad, Noida and Gurgaon. KCA leadership also held by third generation Kanarites. Some were born and brought up in Delhi and many came from coastal Karnataka and became members. KCA also faced the dilemma to conduct its meetings and events only in Konkani or a mix of Konkani- English. As its history shows the inclination is more of Konkani. This was also the period that saw in the National Capital Region the emergence of Konkani prayer groups and regular retreats in Konkani. These are encouraged by KCA and well attended.

Vovllig Pauli


Another, milestone in the history of KCA is in 2012, on 10th December KCA celebrated Golden Jubilee of three of its eminent members namely Archbishop Dr Vincent Concessao, Fr Victor D’Souza and Fr Paul Serrao. In recent years, Delhi KCA platform has been sought by many Konkani artistes and groups from Mangaluru, Mumbai and Goa. Events like ‘Vovlig’ promotional programme at the Constitutional club, which was attended by Sheila Dixit, Chief Minister of Delhi ‘Da Upades’ to promote Konkani, Melwyn Peris Nite in 2014 and in 2016 ‘Mhataro Chorbela’ came to Delhi and performed. Konkani movie ‘Paadri’ was screened for Kanarites in 2006. KCA members felt proud when KCA was awarded by Pratibha Patil, President of India in Mangaluru for the contribution of KCA to promote Konkani in Delhi. Vincent Menezes, KCA President, received the award.

KCA Awarded For Promoting Konkani in Delhi

Kanara Cultural Association conducts its Annual General Meeting (AGM) in the month of September during the Monthi Fest. The election of KCA office-bearers is held during the AGM. KCA also organizes other activities like Requiem Mass for the departed members of KCA in November, the Christmas tree and Annual Picnic, cultural activities etc. During all these activities, children are entertained with games and competition and are rewarded with prizes. KCA also gives importance to the weaker sections among the families and poor children with financial help. Every child who scores 75% and above marks in the annual examination is recognized by KCA and is given an award.

KCA is indebted in a special way for all its office bearers and spiritual directors and members who actively worked for the growth of this association in one way or the other during last five decades. KCA recognizes with thanks the selfless services and collaboration given by its members.

Growing KCA

KCA recognises your service

KCA Promotes Konkani

KCA Honours Eminent Kanarites

KCA Strength

KCA Planners

KCA Grateful to Spiritual Directors

KCA Honours

Serving KCA dishes

We are watching

KCA Spiritual Director preaches

Young KCA

KCA encourages children

KCA Gentlemen

KCA Ladies

KCA Dances


KCA Religious


Enjoying and walking with KCA

KCA Towards New Horizon

KCA 2016 and Beyond:

KCA is conscious that Konkani speaking people are a microscopic minority in the capital of India. In recent years the profile of KCA members has also changed due to transfer, retirement and migration. As of now K.C.A. holds a place of pride among other associations of Karnataka in Delhi. An added advantage of KCA members is that most of them are familiar with the coastal culture and also know coastal languages other than Konkani. This advantage makes them desired by other linguistic associations in Delhi. As KCA journey’s towards a new horizon, KCA aims to emerge as a vibrant platform to celebrate Kanara culture in Delhi, the national capital of India.

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