Karkala: Chasing Prey, Leopard ‘Ducks’ into Well, Gets Stranded but Rescued

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Karkala: Quack and clutter of ducks reared at home is a rare sound humans get to hear these days.

A leopard that strayed from the Western Ghats forest on Monday night too appeared to have been attracted by the sound from the farm home of Obayya Naik in Aikuli of Mala village, where ducks are reared.


It chased one of the ducks, which, running for its life, happened to jump into a nearby well. The leopard too followed, without realizing there was well there.

When the family members came at the well to draw water, they spotted the leopard having taken shelter in a cavity deep down the well and the duck safely swimming in water.

They informed the forest personnel, who arrived and rescued the animal by using a ladder. It is reportedly being shifted to Pilikula park.

The citizens complain that whenever leopards are rescued by the forest staff, they release them in the SK Border forest range in Mala. But the animals return to the residential area for more attractive prey like poultry and household pets.

This time, they did not allow the forest personnel to free it in the forest, says a report.

Leopards all over the place!

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