Karkala: Honesty Still Prevails! Shivapura Fish-vendor Returns Cash, Gold Lost by Owner

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Karkala: In these days when integrity has taken a backseat, there are occasional instances in which one gets an assurance that all is not lost, not as yet.

Santosh Shetty, who runs a printing press in Shivapura in the taluk, had lost a bag containing a large amount of cash and gold ornaments, while riding his motorbike.

When he realized that the bag had fallen off, he made a search all over the road he had covered but there was no use. He filed a complaint at the Hebri police station.

Muniyalu resident Vijay Poojary, a fish-vendor, happened to spot the bag on the near the weekly market at Shivapura. Seeing the valuable contents and realizing the anxiety of the owner, he contacted the owner with the help of the details available in the bag.

The owner, citizens and the police highly commended Vijay Poojary’s honesty.

A Salute to Honesty – some recent cases:

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