Karkala: Sri Lankan Woman Claims Having Married Man from Irvattur, Seeks Wife’s Status

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Karkala: This sounds like a filmi storyline, but it also exposes how young men and women fall for temporary infatuations and get trapped without thinking about the future.


K R Rafia, a Sri Lankan national who works as a beautician in the State of Kuwait, claims to have been befriended by Syed Mohin Yusuf, an Indian national, also working close to her work-place in 2010.

The friendship soon turned into love and they reportedly got a nikah solemnized in the presence of moulvis in accordance with Islamic rituals in 2012.

In 2013, he, on the pretext of attending his sister’s marriage, flew to India and came to his native village of Irvattur. He did not return to Kuwait thereafter.

Rafia waited for him for long. She also made enquiries with Indians in Kuwait in order to find out his native place.


About 15 days ago, she arrived in Karkala all alone and traced Syed Mohin’s house in Irvattur. His family refused to recognize or entertain her. She came to know that he, soon after arriving from Kuwait in 2013, had married a woman from Kaup in the district.

Having felt ditched, Rafia filed a complaint in the Karkala town police station and sought justice. She has stated that she was prepared to live as the man’s another wife but insists on securing her conjugal rights as she is his rightful first wife.

She has produced documents of marriage and also their photos and selfie shots clicked together.

When this correspondent spoke to her, Rafia said that living with him as his another wife was not an issue for her. But having loved him and married him according to Islamic rites in Kuwait, she wanted to remain his wife.

She has expressed full trust in the Indian judicial system and expects it would render justice to her.

Dr Suman Pernekar, the woman IPS officer currently serving as the assistant superintendent of police in Karkala subdivision. has said that she would summon him and hold an inquiry in her presence.

He has been given two days’ time to make his stand clear. She has also assured the woman of justice.

When the town police questioned him, the man denied her version and also that he had not married her at all. The police sources said that securing justice for her could be a complex and time-consuming issue since the marriage took place in Kuwait.

Whether Rafia will have the time and the resources to keep the fight going is also a matter of interest.

Knowing this too well, it is possible that Syed Mohin got married to another woman back home and has now been denying his earlier marriage to Rafia, the sources said.

If she had other motives, she would not have come in search of him all alone, the sources added, while appreciating her courage.

Whether Rafia’s case would come to a logical conclusion is a matter of doubt, unless the Sri Lankan High Commission in India takes up the matter at the appropriate level.

All said and done, the episode should serve as a lesson for young men and women to tread on cautious path when it comes to taking decisions about married life.

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