‘Karnataka’s Singham’ Annamalai denies media report of Joining RSS

‘Karnataka’s Singham’ Annamalai denies media report of Joining RSS

Bengaluru: ’Karnataka’s Singham’ Annamalai has denied reports on certain media of him joining the RSS in Coimbatore.

In a press release Annamalai has clarified that, “It has been brought to my notice that I have joined a certain organisation and will be starting its branch in Coimbatore and so on. All of these forwards and messages are far from the truth. I have not joined any organisation in any capacity”.

“My resignation is yet to be accepted by the Central Govt., I continue to be part of the Govt as of now but not involved in any active role. I continue to spend my time travelling, meeting people which includes meeting religious heads of all the important religions to enhance the scope of my knowledge and beliefs. That should not be misconstrued to say that I stand for a particular religion and not for others. Once my resignation is formally accepted, I’ll definitely make my stand clear of my future plans. Till then I urge my friends and well wishes to desist from any speculation”, he said.

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