Katie Hopkins’ Twitter account hacked

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London, June 22 (IANS) Hackers have taken over TV personality Katie Hopkins’ Twitter account and have made obscene sexual references claiming to have a sex tape of her which they will publish.

The “Big Brother” contestant, known for tweeting offensive comments, seems to have fallen victim to someone preying on her own account, reports dailymail.co.uk.

Her profile picture was changed to an unflattering shot of her showing a double chin while her handle became “jiggly jaws katie”.

The first tweet read: “Awell looks a like Katie Hopkins been sneak dissin too much ere.”

The next was a crude sexual reference followed by a tweet saying: “New sex tape by katie hopkins in her email – 200 rts and we’ll post the link.”

A hacker calling himself Phil Olbison has unfollowed everyone in her follow list except for his own personal account.

The hacker seems to have deleted her previous tweets and has been sending out rude tweets which are getting shared across the social media platform.

Over the years, the columnist has caused offence to millions with her provocative remarks.

Back in July 2013, she became a national hate figure when she revealed that she judges her children’s classmates by their names.

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