‘Katti Batti’ had makings of a winner from first draft: Producer

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Mumbai, Aug 9 (IANS) “Katti Batti” producer Siddharth Roy Kapur is confident that the Kangana Ranaut and Imran Khan starrer entertainer will be a winner all the way as he feels it has a strong screenplay, right cast, able director and the encouragement of Aamir Khan.

The film, directed by Nikhil Advani, is releasing on September 18.

“We knew we had the makings of a winner when our team developed the very first draft of the screenplay with the talented writer Anshul Singhal. After that, it was crucial for us to find the right cast to play the unique characters, and to have a director with the sensibility to be able to handle such a unique narrative.

“When we got Imran and Kangana on board, with Nikhil as the captain of the ship, the combination of creative energies on the film couldn’t have been better. We’re really happy with how the film has shaped up,” Kapur, who has produced the film under the UTV Motion Pictures banner, said in a statement.

The script, developed in-house by the studio producing the film, is likely to defy genres due to its character’s progression. A film — on new age relationship — that seems like a romantic comedy at first glance turns into a thriller with a mystery element and a mature love story all at the same time, said a source.

The reactions to the first look and first promo of the film has been positive. Even Aamir, who is Imran’s maternal uncle, after watching the promo, wanted to see the film before release. His reaction, after a private screening was organised by Kapur for him, was very positive and enthusiastic.

Kapur said that “to have Aamir be so appreciate of it is most encouraging”.

“His opinion means a lot and we were thrilled with his response after the screening,” he added.

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